So things went normal today with a few interesting highlights.  I got my ass out of bed at a normal hour and trekked over to my memoir class where I got in trouble for passing notes.  I am totally fourth grade.  After that i went to visit the teacher of the class to talk with her about my most recent paper.

Now normally I wouldn’t give three dead sea monkeys for a Prof.’s opinion on my writing, but Jill Christman is the Christ of writing (hence her last name I believe, coincidence, I think not).  She has been through so much more then I can imagine and her metaphors are tastier then a jello fruit cup.  She inspired me to keep up my good work, and I also sent her a copy of my 200 page memoir I currently am writing, we’ll see what she thinks.

Lunch was average as I joined Melanie and Gross Jim.  They crack me up, Melanie being totally random and off the wall and Jim being simply gross.  After this encounter I put off studying for Spanish class and instead downloaded some new music (golden girls theme, the original). 

Spanish provided a blur and I didn’t know what the hell was going on aside from my teachers insistent nudging that i write a paper for next week,  hopefully he accepts things from cause I would never do real work for such a trivial class.  I mean honestly, if someone wants to talk to me, they can learn my language.

After that was a nap, where I had a really odd dream about 309 (his real name is David).  I had a dream that he wanted to hire me for the next year to be his personal assitant since I am so into him anyway.  He figured I would keep up to date on his social life and be able to schedule things for him.  I gladly accepted, where we moved to London for David’s schooling and then I killed this ugly british bitch he was trying to date.  He then realized she had had bad teeth anyhow and thanked me.

I woke from this dream and rushed to song writing class.  On my way (and this part is for Beth) I saw our friend Dave (not 309) walking home.  I went to say hello and out of my mouth came “hey what up Ho….uhm….Dave”.  Now see, Beth calls him Hot Dave, and I usually do too, but I thought I would spare the kid a public homoerotic encounter and not call him “Hot Dave” amongst the crowd.  He chuckled and said hey and that was that.  Got to class, where I heard some kick ass guitar work.  I was jealous of this ability and am now requesting anyone to teach me how to play.  I have all these great songs written with no accompanying music.  It’s almost repulsive but my artisitc lyrics make me feel like a better person.

Upon returning from class there was a brief BAP meeting where Bethachi stressed about homework, Patachi looked hot in a soccer jersey and I simply donated my usual sarcastic comments as i tried to lend my expertise to Bethachi. Then there was a fleeting run in with the fat-tastic fuck face I live with.  I wish he would die.  I want to vomit on him repeatedly until he chokes on it and stops breathing, then I will throw his body into a cage of rabid hamsters and watch as they eat him.  He fucking sucks.

Dinner was a frolic of fun as Patachi and I went to the buffet, only to have a suprise guest apperance by the divine Lisa (309’s ex-girlfriend) and 309 himself.  David in all his glory wore a black polo shirt, just tight enough to look sexy.  Sadly, he said nothing to me through out the meals duration.  This has been the first shared moment we have had in what seems to be about a week, so I accepted it as good enough. 

That’s about it for now, cause I am sitting here typing, burping up Buffet Fish, mmmm.  One more thing though, the quote of the day goes to Patachi who said: “Did you just say gravy, gravy?” 


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