Well, it seems to be the latest rage, so here goes my attempt to be all Xanga style.  What is Xanga anyway?  It sounds like some annyoing asian girl who rides her bike to slowly down the sidewalk causing me to be late for class.  As you can see from the sites title, I love Shetland Ponies.  For those of you to naive to understand what this is, a Shetland Pont is a minature horse.  You know you want one!!!  Part two of my title is Apple Juice, and what’s not love to there.  Vitamins, Minerals and my oh my it’s delicious.  Now 309, that takes more explaining.

Denoted for his room number in the fantastically bland Brayton/Clevenger hall on Ball State’s capmus, David Greenwalt is my current obsession.  This guy is spectacular, and I have a feeling he will own most of my Xanga entries. 

Today was a typical day in my life.  I didn’t have class and my homework was on moron level, so it took a span of 8 minutes to do.  I slept a lot today, which is always a plus.  I also spent some good quality BAP time.  BAP is an acronym for Beth, Adam and Pat.  These characters both live in B/C and are me closest of friends.  We spend lots of time together.

After my BAP time, i spent about an hour singing at the top of my lungs in my room, and writing a song.  It was a depressing piece, but what can I say.  David wasn’t around at all, which made me upset, but i thought I would share the piece here:

 Nobody knows what it’s like to be me when I have to watch you walk away

Nobody cares about the song that I sing when my heart breaks for you everyday

But can you feel my tears roll down?  Can you hear the lonely sound?

Nobody needs to feel such a pain but I roll my dice and I keep playing the game

I want you to understand what’s on my mind,

And why I chase someone who’ll never be mine.


Someone who’ll hold me when ever I cry or stare oh so deeply right into my eyes

Someone that listens when I sing my song, who agrees with me even when I am wrong

But you’re not that someone I know, but I still love you and you know

Somebody can fall forever in love with somebody who doesn’t even give a fuck

I need you to understand what’s on my mind

And why I chase someone who’ll never be mine


Everyone sees that I’m fighting for dreams whenever I plan out one of my schemes

Everyone makes me feel jealous and jade whenever you’re with them and off of my page

But they just do not understand that you’re all I want holding my hand

Everyone thinks I am stupid and lost when I accept loneliness as my own cost

I wish that you’d understand what’s on my mind

And why I chase someone who’ll never be mine


I can remember when I first saw you and how I got lost in your eyes crystal blue

I know when you smile I smile inside and I feel adventure when we spend time

But even the bad things are brilliant to me; you’re lost addictions and need to feel free

I understand how I could cause some fear from my admiration towards thing I endear

I ask do you to understand what’s on my mind

And why I chase someone who’ll never be mine

It’s cause I’m in love it’s simple and clear

But all I can do is feel lonely with tears


Well, i think that’s all i feel like sharing right now, if you’re that intrigues then check out my website, the link is provided to your left.


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