Last night played out with a really long time in the computer lab, recreating a copy of the book i am currently writing.  This event led me to think a lot of Doug (my first love).  He is most likely in Iraq and not aloud to send out e-mails. This would explain why he hasn’t sent me anything in 2 months.  It’s nerve wrecking.

I spent a lot of time afterwards reading parts of my book to be nostalgic.  Later that night there was a BAP meeting which rocked.  We all chilled peacefully till Beth left insisting she had homework.  Patrick stuck around and kept me up till 5:00 in the morning, talking to me about random whoas in my room.  It was fun.

So after a phenominal night of sleep where I had a terrifying dream and undisclosed dream, I was awaken by Beth at 12:47pm in order to eat lunch.  After quickly getting ready we went, we ate, we talked and not a lot happened.

I returned to my room to read some, then i stopped cause Beth distracted me.  It was a needed break.  i tried to find David during this excursion so i could feel appeased, but he was in the shower and i didn’t want to go looking in there for him (or i would get killed.) 

Aside from that i spent my day doing lots of downloading of 80’s music and watching Beth dance.  She is a real trooper.

At this point though, i have to add that today is my good friend Sam’s birthday.  Who is Sam you may ask?  Sam is my on again off again crush.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!!!

i am sorry, but i will have to type more later tonight, there is currently a really dumb argument in my room about who is the best NBA player ever. Lame.  At least one of the guys in here is cute though.  It’s definately not my lard-tastic roommate or my loud neighbor Bodie, so that means it’s my funny neigbor Marquis.  woohoo.

1. David (309) 2. Sam 3. Patrick 4. Marquis.   Boys suck!!!!!


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