So i forgot to post on Friday but i will gladly tell you what happened.  There was trouble in BAP paradise, but it was overcoem by sheer BAP power.  The group was whisked away on friday night to Buca’s in Indy, where wanted us to celebrate his birthday.  It was fun, Sam whined, we came home, we drank playing drinking games.  Pat and Sam both ended up in their boxers and all i have to say is BIB.  Gross.  If you don’t what that means then don’t ask, you’ll be afriad.

Now on to what’s important, the emotional response.  This evneing led me to a final conclusion that Sam is not what I need.  I really don’t find him irresistible and his whining gets on my nerves like whoa.  I think I just thought i liked him because he was close in proxemity. 

David also said a few choice things to me this night that made me look at him differently.  I talked to his roommate Brian Wilson about it all over the computer, and Brian made me feel better.  The fact is that i hate to love David.  I hate that i am so attracted to him, because i am also easily turned away from him.  He has this charm, this twinkle in his eye that makes me melt, but at the same time he is obsessed with intoxifying his body and girls.  gross.

Another issue concerning David is my jealousy of his time spent with some certain other people.  i think i am getting over that.

All in all, the night was fun, and my emotions didn’t flare up.  i was the least drunk (aside from Beth) and we totally had a blast still.  I love my fiends so much, and I hope hey all stay with me for some time to come.


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