SO saturday night turned out to be a total blast.  It started with a trip to buy party supplies.  David (309) and I were the only attendees, but the lack of connection made itself highly appaernt, as usual.  I was upset by how his presence quited me and how i find it difficult to be my normal amusing self around him.  I don’t get it.  Perhaps i am intimidated by how hot he is.  it also makes me wonder what he thinks about me.  He probably thinks i am a dork.

We returned to join Pat and Beth and the three of them drank away while i amused myself soberly.  After hours of pointless debate and blockers we made it out of the building and picked up 3 of Beth’s friends.  This new Septuplan group partyed down and had a blast.  Sam was there too, though not really with us, and he caused drama by demanding a ride home when he didn’t fit in the car.  He was left behind after he left the party and didn’t tell any of us where he was going.  Needless to say, we all wound down when my car became stuck on a sheet of ice.

I had all the drunk people get out and push me out, it took 25 minutes and everyone got dirty.  The event contained one moment where David pissed by my car and i flipped out unnecessarily, but the stress and the similarities to a recent event involving Sam peeing on my car made it seem like an issue at the time.  All tired and out of energy, plus the disturbing way my car sounded caused us to end the evening, or so i thought.  Instead, we all drove home and split up.  Patrick took 2 of Beth’s friend in to the dorms with him, one friend was lost at the party, and David, Beth and I walked to Jimmy Johns.  This trip reaffirmed my feelings for David and i felt as if all the negative things lately had been erased.  I still like him bunches and bunches.

The Jimmy Johns outing got me a free 5 dollars thanks to crazy drunks and some time with David, but the return to the dorm was a simple chill session with Pat, Beth and the 2 friends.  David went MIA unfortuantely.  Sam left me a note the said fuck you.  Nice kid.  He deserved what he got.

All in all, the weekend was fun, and i am excited about my up coming spring break.  it will be nice to relax away from school.  I am sure i will miss David though.  Lame.  Needless to say, i will end this session with a cool little rhyme i have written, and hope to incorporate into a song soon:

I’ve got you under my skin, You are my heroine, I am addicted to you                    

Each time I take a dose, You’re charm leaves me comatose, what can I do

Now I’m reaching the end and there’s no way to win, You are my heroine


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