Oh, Xanga how i’ve neglected you.  To all my loyal readers, i owe a huge apology for the delay in a new update, so here goes my best efforts to relay the events that have taken place.

I admit that Wednesday and Thursday may have been the two most boring days of my life.  Wednesday was spent doing English papers all day.  The tedious developing of a literary artwork isn’t something to rush.  The evening turned into massive movie making.  The talents of Bethachi, Patachia nd the devine Chelsea were blended together along with a dash of Director Kevin Carnes and your truly to give birth to a montage of beauty entitled “The Real World Ball State”. 

Thursdays events were similar as i went to my three classes then proceeded to edit our movie all night from 7 till 10:30.  I suppose the night should have ended then, and me passing out from too much work, but that would have been too easy.  Instead, the gang got together for an eveing out, yes that is Thirsty Thursday.  Sam, Patrick, David, Beth, Aubrey and Lindsay all piled intothe hopptie wagon and off we went.  The party was semi-lame and an unpleasant outing with someone who used to be a friend of mine really put me into a mood of not wanting to be there.  Needless to say, the bitchy hostess was the final straw and we all took off, leaving Sam behind.  Whoops.

From here it got ghetto as the remaining 6 adventurers drove to Meijer, bought Boones Farm and proceeded to get drunk while Beth, the talented, gorgeous, phenominal, uncanny and intellectual diva, drove us aroudn muncie’s lovely country side.  This is the first time in a while that i have spent time with David (309) so it seemed inevitable that i would end up feelign the way i did.  I totally fell bak into liking him.  The infatuation continued after the main group split, a choce few of us opting to hit the bong before turning in.  I got high, which may be a first for me considering it felt a lot different then all the other times i have smoked.  The three of us crazies left keeping the party alive blazed up, got some junk food and watched Scooby Doo, then we went to bed, but not before i had time to IM David and tell him “you still rock my world”. 

My next morning involved class, recieving an A on my movie project i had recently made and going back to bed till 12:30.  it was tiring.  Then, i checked my computer to discover that David had retaliated from my previous nights comment with a spectacular “what the Fuck??”.  Finally, things are back to how they used to be.  The proceeded and Patrick introduced Beth and I to some of his friends.  This excitement of new people led to a brrage of Wally Ball and a scrumptious dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  (Happy Birthday Patachi).

The evening broke us all back up into groups as Beth went to chill with a one Amy Zandy (Regional people), Patrick chilled with his friends Emma and Lana (Carmelian people), and I chilled with David (yes 309 again, just my luck), Lindsay  and Aubs (5th floor people).  It was fun until these two jokes of life joined us (unnamed).  They sucked ass, i think dead rats are more intelligent then them.  Anyway, my night was spoiled for no apparent reason (probably the effects of the alcohol and drugs).  I came back home, made pasta, poof ate it, made more pasta, talked to Lindsay, met back up with Beth, laughed at patachi, watched some food network with Beth  and a one Ryan Earl, then went to bed on Bethachi’s futon.  What a full day!!!

Today has gotten the negative intoxicators out of my system, as i got up and schedualed classes, then went to play….yes i really played….softball.   I was obviously the best player there, taking the role of catcher.  While applying my talents of sitting and doing nothing behind the home plate, I realized the pitcher was a little cutie.  (yes he was pitching and i was catching, ha ha)The game got more interesting then.  Needless to say, if this guy attends all the games i will totally be there. 

Now my day is winding down, evening i coming to play and i can’t wait to see what the fuck happens. There isn’t much aroudn right now, so it wil most likely be lame.  Lets see if i can make some fun out thin air, shall we?


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