So life has sucked some incredible ass lately.  I was written up and kicked out of my dorm, given no alternative to where else i could live.  i called upon some friends from last year and was shown an emmense amount of love and care.  Taken in immediately by my old friend Tom, i was reassured that shelter would exist.  my anger climbed then as my relief set in.  My hall Directors had stabbed me in the back and my rommate had proved to be the biggest dick on the planet.

I should have been more concerned with telling my parents about my eviction, but instead, i spent my time making moments with my friends in B/C.  I can’t think that this is the end of B/C for me.  This place has meant more to me then half the people i know.  If i loose it, i will loose one of the most valueable things i have.  My friends here have been totally phenominal as well.  I even got cards from some of them, which was awesome.  The love was endless, and i saw even more support when i started a petition to help keep me in B/C. 

i had David (309) on my brain for a good part of the day.  He means so much to me, and while i mean so little to him, i can’t think of not being able to see him everyday.  Why can’t he just give a damn about me?  Why am i plagued with unrequited love?

The hardest part of the day was BAP time.  It felt like a shadow hung over us, even when Tiny Dancer came on and we huddled on the bed together.  Bethachi had tears, Patachi was fighting his, and i tried my best to hide mine.  To my BAP, i have never felt so much love and comfort in my life, and i know forever that you are my true friends no matter what.  I love you both so much that i could never describe it.  If 309 was a shetland pony who sang aimee mann and drank apple juice all day, i would still love BAP more.  I hate to think that i am abandoning my BAP and i hope to god that i can somehow keep us alive.  You two have meant everything to me lately.  Your support is phenominal.  I don’t know what i would do with out Beth’s dancing, Patrick’s Dave songs or the sound of those two arguing over silly stuff.  i love you both more then anyone, and apologize for all misdoings that may result in our degredation.

Again, i want to thank Melissa, Lindsay, Tom, Amy, Kiki, Beth and Patrick for all being there in this intense time of need.  I love you all and wish you the best luck in everything.


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