SO i was all paranoid that things were going to be complete hell for the remainder of the year.  i was totally wrong.  First off, i love where i am living now, it’s a lot of fun. The only bad thing is that i am so far away from all my friends.  I really miss them, and it’s hard to know what the little hollars of what up and c-ya mean until you lack them. 

On a side note, i think my computer screen is lopsided!!!

Anyway, this weekend should be a blast since it’s Pauline’s wedding and such, but enough with normal banter, lets get xanga-philiosophical style.  First off, there comes a point when you look at a friend as far more then that.  I mean this in everyway possible.  for example, i look at all my friends as a sibling at som epoint if we get close enough, it’s only normal, but that isn’t the main point yet.

The main point is that friends can be thught about as spouses, or possible lovers.  Even if there is no sexual chemistry you can observe what it could be like.  For example, my friend Bethachi.  I once spent the night wondering what it be like if i was one day just like, “hey Beth, lets date!! It would be interesting.  Jus tpictue what things would make you work as a couple, what would make you not work?  And what would that person be liek in bed?  have fun!!!


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