And it’s not like I am an extraordinary person or anything, I just seem to have a way of developing really good stories.  I have so much to touch on, so here is the brief index of events that you can look for in this post: Stalking, My older Sister, Patrick, My Book, internships, research, Doug, plus 309 – Shetlands – apple juice!!

STALKING: While this may sound quite horrific I promise that it was all innocent curiosity.  I was trotting along the sidewalk, minding my own business when I noticed a fine catch in front of me.  At first I thought he was this friend of mine named Patrick Wasson, but upon inspection I found otherwise.  Needless to say, he was cute.  Red/Brown hair, somewhat shaggy but not chaotic.  Blue button up shirt, rolled sleeves and brown cords, the same ones I happened to be wearing actually.  This chance of matching pants reassured my need to follow him, so I passed up my stop at the Art Museum and followed him to his building, Cooper Science.  I noted that he had a khaki over the shoulder bag, long eyelashes, good style of dress and he was with two girls who were obviously just friends.  All these factors gave me hope that he was available to me.  I backtracked to my class to discover that I would get out early.  I left and waited in the quad, listening to some awesome Aimee Mann.  This waiting resulted in me getting a tan and then seeing my mystery hunk walk out of Copper.  I quickly began walking behind him, a safe distance, not close.  I wound up following him all the way to Dehority where I found he lives in Beaman/DeMonte.  Phase one of meeting this guy is in the bag, location.  Now I need to find out a name. Any leads on this case or knowledge of anyone who fits this description (oh, he is a little shorter then I am just to give more description), please let me know!!

MY OLDER SISTER AMBER: Now I know I have never mentioned family in a Xanga before, but my roller blading session with Squaler tonight brought up this topic.  I love my sister.  She is such a strong person and most people don’t even know I have an older sister.  Amber goes to school, watches her godson, has a real job, has a husband and a house to clean, and she still has time to be totally awesome.  This is all about props to her.  MY SISTER IS MY HERO!!! 

PATRICK: Concerning my flimsy state lately, it’s not wonder I finally cracked.  Sometimes I am inclined to reach to those closest to for love.  Before when I have had these ruts, I have been shunned from my friends’ lives and left alone.  Patrick however didn’t abandon me.  He understood, and while I knew it couldn’t be, I wasn’t ripped up by the chaos of it all.  Thanks for understanding and being cool Patachi!!!

MY BOOK: So it’s back.  I have a 200-page book I was writing before I started doing Xanga entries.  I thought the epic that my memoir went through was over, but I was far from wrong.  Not only do I have more to add, but I think my Xanga entries can be incorporated to it.  Go Xanga!!  Unfortunately, technology sucks and my disk has a scratch on it so I must re-type the last 46 pages of material.  Yuck!! Thank goodness for hard copies!!!

INTERNSHIP: Tomorrow I talk to an advisor about an internship involving my creative writing. I am so excited about it all, I can’t wait to see what is available to me.  My dream is to intern at Marvel Comics, that would be heavenly bliss.  We’ll see!!!

RESEARCH: So I have been recently compelled to do research on relationships between heterosexual males and homosexual males.  It seems that a popular theory in these relationships is that the Heterosexual likes to receive the extra attention he gets from the Homosexual.  Sources also say that the Heterosexual almost always has an in depth fear of having the Homosexual try something on him.  The most interesting fact is that Homosexuals seek out the Heterosexual friends as possible mates first, then as friends.  I found this fascinating.  Why am I studying up on this stuff?  Wouldn’t like to know!! 

DOUG: So I got some e-mail from him today and know he is safe and sound.  He was writing a song about how the two of us used to hang out on top of his car at this old elementary school and just talk away the nights.  It went like this, “Sitting on the roof of my Red Car, looking at the stars their not too far, oh if I could climb a ladder and reach the moon it would give me something new, keep me close to you.”  The e-mail ended with his usual “love ya buddy” so I never know how to take these things.  Do you think he loves me?  I sure hope he does, I think I have planned the last three years of my life on his return, hoping to just leave this hell whole with him and start a new life.

309 – SHETLANDS – APPLE JUICE: I haven’t seen David in over a week.  This is withdraw, or maybe it’s getting over him.  Either way it’s tough stuff.  He never cared about me anyhow, I need to realize that.  Kiki, my stuffed Shetland, is doing fine.  She took the move tough, but she has the photos of all out B/CV mates to keep her warm inside.  Send your love to her guys, she needs it, she is homesick I think!!!  Last but no least I haven’t apple juice in a long time either.  What is wrong with me!!! No wonder the world is falling apart, it’s all cause I stopped drinking Apple Juice!!!

WRAP UP: Joe McGowan is a jerk, that’s the final decision on that.  Clayton is cool though, but Rob and Julie are scrotum hairs.  My roommate Tom is so nice to let me stay here.  I love blading with Squaler.  Bethachi, what can I say, I LOVE YOU GIRL, I WILL TAKE YOU TO PROM!!!!!!!   That’s about all for now, so go ride a Shetland, drink some apple juice, and tell 309 to finally come hook up with me!!!


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