“I can’t love anyone, I gave my heart away a long time ago, and I never really got it back.”   Today went suprisingly well, I managed to have a good time and keep busy.  I did lots of thinking though, which never leads to good things.  I foudn myself in a banter about Doug and David (309).  Realisticly it’s all a bunch of hog wash, but a boy can dream right?

David seemed like a thing of the past, out of sight out of mind maybe?  But then last night I was roller blading and I saw him with Aubrie going to smoke.  Something in me came unhinged, something i thought i had sealed up.  Everything i liked about David hit me 10 fold and instantly i was enthralled by him once more.  He had on this ridiculous tight tie-dy t-shirt and his goofy grin.  His eyes nailed me like a lightening bolt, that saphire shine coming out of them.  I am such a fucking loser.

I wrote Doug an e-mail today, it was enthusiastically questioning where the hell he is exactly.  I am so afraid something is gonna happen, but i don’t wanna get all spazzed about it, so i am trying my best to keep it to myself.

Shellby (my little sister) will be making her BSU debut tomorrow, and though she doesn’t reallyknow much about my life or who i am, i have a feeling she’ll fit right in. 

My shout out for the night goes out to Julie and Chelsea.  I saw them today and it totally cheered me up.  I still can’t believe that so many people cared that i left B/C.  Anyhow, Thanks for being so awesome, funny and beautiful Julie and Chel!!!

I guess the rant is about over, esspecially since nothing cool has happened lately.  Hopefulyl i will more to write soon. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alright I was so excited to see you this afternoon. I miss not seeing you here at B/C but I am going to come and visit next week sometime and ya know I will bring the apple juice. Have a great weekend Pony. Luv ya
    Chel Belle
    cb style all the way


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