So, i was sitting here at my house, eating my Beef flavored Lipton Rice and watching Real World/Road Rules Battle of the sexes when Shane pops his gorgeous head onto my television screen.  Now Shane is the same age as i am, he is gay like i am, but he is gorgeous liek i am not. 

Anyway, Shane was talking about how it’s tough when no one esle around you is gay, cause no one understands your desires or needs.  And half the time you can’t even talk about it cause people don’t want to hear it.  I guess i just related to waht he was saying, and for a moment i felt liek the loneliest person in the entire world.  Like no one has ever truely known me, and no one ever will.  We never know each other. 

I knwo my friends care about me, but solitude speaks for itself and can swarm you like gray hair on an old man.  I don’t know why I suddenly feel this way, but i just really want someone to understand me and let me talk about what i want and need.  I think i just need someone to hold me.


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