So the day seemed mighty average as I went to my classes, got a hair cut, ate a packed lunch, did more classes, cooked a pizza, took a nap and wrote a really good paper.. Then came the real shit.

First off, I love my friends dearly, honestly.  It’s just that sometimes I feel like they don’t think at all.  Sko, Beth, Patrick and Lindsay came over to chill and I guess to drink some.  No big deal really.  The thing was it was late, they were loud after I warned them, and I was worried my roommate would get upset.  Fortunately he didn’t, so the volume wasn’t an issue, and I admit, I was loud too, singing and stuff. 

Anyhow, things quickly became segregated as Beth, Sko and I sat in my room and listened to old music and sang.  Meanwhile, Patrick and Lindsay chilled on the couch in the room.  I guess Patrick was just being his usual self, flirting with what looked good to him.  Once I just want to see him hang out in a group and not appear to be hitting on all the girls.  I wonder if that’s possible?  I love the kid to death, and I know he doesn’t mean any harm ever, I just wonder why he always feels like he needs to be macking on someone.

After a little bit, David and Aubrie walked in, stoned.  I am getting tired of the stoner style kids.  I mean, come on, it’s not even that much fun to do, and it’s expensive.  Also, the fact that it’s David and Aubrie pisses me off.  Aubs gets all this time with him, I know she wants him, and while I am told that he definately doesn’t want her, I still feel jealous of their relationship, even though it’s a pathetic bridge based on drugs.  Then again, everyone could be lying to me about the extent of it all to spare my feelings?  Ugh, why am I caring anyway?  David is going to London next semester.  There he can smoke all the weed he wants and get the hell out of my heart.  Hopefully.

Thank goodness Beth was around tonight.  She definately kept me up, I love her so much.  I have more fun with her then with anyone else.  we were fading like flowers and going on joyrides all night.  Then the finale of Amy Grant just sent me off on a good note.

Anyway, I love my friends, but tonight didn’t feel like they came over here to chill with me, it felt like Pat and Linz and Daivd and Aubs wanted some place to drink, so they came here.  I know that’s not true, but in my tired, odd, jealous and emotional state, that is the statement I am putting out.  It’s all good though, I still love them all and couldn’t survive without them, esspecially David, because he is so HOT!!


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