WHAT A MIXED UP WEEKEND!!! It all starts on Friday where I randomly join Beth and her roommate for a trip to Purdue.  I had planned on a fun adventure, but wound up with a rather dull night.  The car ride was nausiating as I listened to rap music over and over and got my hair messed up by two hours of constant wind.  I did see some Shetlands on our way there though!! Upon arrival at the home of the Boilermakers (honestly, what the fuck is that?) I joined Beth in dorm jumping.  

Our first stop was with a really good looking drum player named Nick, I did my best to talk and seem fun while amongst the strange hot guy (wore a tight shirt, jeans that made his ass look good, was well groomed and had a very clean room = suspect), but it seemed pointless.  He was cute though.  After looking through a photo album and watching a little Aerosmith Beth and I left for a new dorm.  Our destination would be Tarkington, where we met up with a lot of guys who were fun, but not my type at all. 

After a few bits, my cousin Lindsey showed up to whisk me away to waht was to be a fun time.  We wound up goign to a park with her Pugg named O’Kello, explored her garage, went to dinner at O’Charley’s and then watched Reality Bites with her roommates.  The movie was good, but I got really tired and went to bed only to be awaken the next morning early in order to go to “The Triple X” for breakfast (a diner, not a porn shop).  It was good, then I left to attend Bug Bowl, which was gross, as it was a bug themed science fair basically. I was forever scarred when one girl working the “bowl” put a huge roach on my back without me knowing.  I mean huge, like the size of my hand.  AAAAAHHHH.  it was removed, i fled and went to the animal barns outside to look for a Shetland, but found none.

At this point i re-hooked up with Beth and her roommate and drove home, slept in the car, more rap, then had an odd moment with Beth where I felt like she was giving be the vibe of “why are you here again?”  probably just in my head though. I was dropped off at home.

After a quick shower, I was off to B/C where I met Pat and Beth for frisbee, Beth left before we started and Sko came to play.  After cathcing up on our adventures (mine of Purdue and theirs of a Ben Folds concert that they went to with Daivd (309!!), we climbed trees, frisbeed then disbanned again.  I played some Volley Ball with stranger, then went home, changed and returned to B/C to pick up my friends.

Sko, Pat, Jessie (pat’s girl), Squaller and Beth all pile dint he hooptie mobile and went to ….. a Drag Queen Show.  I felt very out of place amongst all the gay people, most likely because I am nt well known amongst them.  The show was cool, but I felt lame.  These people are proud of who they are, something I am really not.  I don’t like being gay, I just deal with it.  These people love it.  I guess I was jaded by how they all knew each other and I was a stranger.  No wonder I am always single.

We left the show and disbanded again.  I went home and ate cookies and talked to … David!!  He was in Indianapolis for the night.  I teased him a bit and talked to him about his weekend so far and just had a nice little chat.  I was charmed, he’s my favorite guy around lately!! Too bad he isn’t into me.

Our group met back up and went back to last weeks house on Gilbert where Lindsay macked on this guy there, Patrick got wasted off his ass and sat on the couch with his eyes rolled into his head, Jess took care of Patrick, and Sko and I left phone messages for her friends.  Woohoo.  We left Lindsay, dropped off Patrick and Jess and Sko and I went to IHOP. 

We talked about a lot of cool stuff, the two of us.  David and Aubrie came up and how I am so in love with David and Aubrie is always so high with David.  We also talked about Beth and I a bit.  It isn’t that I am mad, just irritated.  She is going to be an RA next year, and she was given a warning from Rob (evil hall director who kicked me out of B/C), about how she needed to watch her image.  In other words, Beth was told to not hang out with me cause they think I am the devil. I feel like Beth doesn’t want to hang out with us because they told her not to, but that’s somewhat odd.  It’s the concept of standing up for yourself maybe?  and they picked her for reasons, she chilled with us before.  I feel like i am a burden on her career now.  I HATE ROB AND JULIE!!!  I also feel liek Beth woul scarifice her friend for her job sometime, i know she wouldn’t deep down, but the coice is being put in front of her.  And i understand her spot, it’s a big job, big deal, and she needs the break in the bill.  it’s just complex.

Anyway, IHOP had adventures with Martin, this scary Texan and a drag queen, i also saw old friends there who made me glad to have left them behind.  We left eventually and went home, i went to bed.

The next day was hardcore softball supporting (i am not good enough to play apparently).  anyway, the pictcher, Judd, is so cute.  I think he’s great, and he’s funny and sweet.  Maybe i’ll hit on him, then probably get punched, COOL!!!  After this, i moved to Volley Ball with the crew, including DAVID!!! He looked gorgeous as usual.  From there it went to washing my car and then now.  Ok, Caught up. 

Summary: Purdue sucked, Things with Beth are odd, Sko is becoming tight with me, IHOP is crazy fun, Judd is spectacular, my car is clean, and i am FAR from over David.  Damn!

Well, till next time, you know the drill, juice, ponies, 309!!


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