So this is going to be brief, but I hope i get m point across well this time.  After looking over my last entry being talked to by two people involved in it, it appears to me that i may have come across as unclear at some parts.  For the record, my time at Purdue wasn’t utterly unbareable in every aspect.  It was fun to see my cousin Lindsey, and I was greatful that she let me come spend time with her even though I was a broke ho.  I had a good time while I was with her and enjoyed catching up with her and seeing where she lived.  I would also like to note that Beth’s meeting with Rob wasn’t about me, but about in general.  I knew this, and thought I had made it clear in my entry, but I guess not.  I am not mad at Beth and she hasn’t shunned me from her life or anything, she hasn’t changed who she hangs outwith, just what she does when hanging out.  I love both Beth and Lindsey very very much, and Iam publicly falling to my knees in search of forgivenes from both of you for not writing clearly.  Sorry girls!!

(On a side note I would like to add that I could have jut edited my previous post, but felt inclined not to do to my training in writing where I have learned never to change what you have written at the request of the people who you wrote about.)


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