I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have real emotions.  Yes it’s true, my heart and mind are void of anything real, only figments of illusion that will provide my audience with adequate descriptions they can use to gossip about me.  Lets look at the fact that I have come up with to get to this ridiculous conclusion which I am sure I will take back tomorrow.

1) David aka 309 means about as much to me as the brand of tampon your mom uses.  I mean really, I haven’t seen him in the last week and WHAT A SUPRISE, my life is still the same.  It didn’t get worse or better, proving that he is pointless to me, and my “love” for him is based on the fact that I wanted people to say “Adam, you are crazy and always in love with straight guys” or “sorry, i am not gay adam”.   I wanted to be able to write about heart break and angst, so I make heart break.  In real life, I know nothing about David aside from his smoking habit being lame, he is good looking to me, and he is a computer science major.  The rest of the stuff I know I probably heard from someone else or he told me when he was high, so it doesn’t count.  309, please, try habit of mine. 

That’s aboout it.  I guess.  For that subject, lets move on to why i realized this.  His name is Seth, and he lives in Colorado.  He is madly in love with my friend Megan.  I have been talking to him lately online, and he is one of the coolest people I have ever met.  I like him way more then I like David, and I have never even had a person to person conversation with him.  Come to think of though, when was the last time I had an interesting conversation with David face to face?  NEVER, he is barely even my friend.  He doesn’t even know who I am aside from the fact I drive a lot of us around every weekend.  You know, if some crazy chick was all up on my nuts, I would at least become her friend if she was funny and cool.  I am funny and cool, I know this cause I am goign to make a t-shirt that says so. 

See what I am getting at people?  Mabe you do, maybe you don’t, there are lots of little connections here I am not touching for reasons you should be able to figure out if you are smart, if you’re not smart then bite me.  There is stuff on my mind today. RANDOM THOUGHT: I have previewed next year and found out who gives a shit about me by seeing who has come to see me here at my house or tried to initiate a luncheon date.  So, onto the normal shit, here’s what i did today:

-got up, took a huge poop, went to memoir class, critiqued my friend Natalia’s paper, came home, talked to Seth, ate hotdogs at B/C with the crew, went to spanish, took a nap, went to song writing, came home, went to a banquet i wasn’t invited to, came home, talked to Seth, foudn a cool webpage, talked to Seth, visited with Patachi and Lindsay and then talked to Seth again.- 

Anyway, I am done.  Thanks for nothing David (though you didn’t owe me anything to begin with so what is my problem).  Thank you Seth for being totally Jawsome CRUNCH!!!  Thanks cool friends for hanging with me still and GO TO HELL STUPID BIRDS WHO KEEEP POOPING ON MY CAR!!!!


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