Holy shit, where do I begin?  I guess from the beginning.  It seemes like such a long time ago.  probably because it was though.  Thursday was typical, my last day of classes which went over fairly well.  I started with a dash of Memoir class where I got to read some of the piece I have been working on outloud to the class.  Everyone loved it, which made me feel proud of what I have been working on so diligently for the last few weeks (Yes, Adam does occasionally work and put time into things).  As our last day of class, most of us in there found it difficult to leave due to our emmense love for Jill Christman, our Professor. Luckily, my waiting to depart resulted in some great news.   Jill was in need of a research assistant for the summer, and she just so happened to want yours truely for the job.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity and wrote an e-mail to the intern advisor to get things set up.  Looks like I may stay in Muncie this summer.   WOOHOO!!

Leaving this took me home for a bit then to the Student Center for a little herpes.  That’s right, Herpes, the reptile exhibit.  It was really cool, and with Sko, Big Dan, and Melanie there, things rocked.  I ate a packed lunch of hotdogs and star crunch, got several free Capri Sun coolers from a give a way group, then retreated to Spanish class where I rested for a all of five minutes liostening to what would be on the final.  Then we were set free and unleashed onto the world yet again.

From here it was total chaos as I frantically had hamster dreams.  Yes, i have been plagued lately by odd hamster dreams.  I don’t get it.  Fortunately, I awoke to my alarm clock alerting me to go to Song Writing class.  What an epic this turned out to be.  My cool teacher played some songs on guitar.  Alot of people from the class played.   It was totally chill.  We then passed out class evaluations where I uncluded my signature Peter Davis is fucking HOT!!!  I have done that both times i have had him in class.  WOOHOO!!

Then it was back home to a little Survivor and a lot of Zelda.  I got a little down due to lack of people lately, I have really felt isolated from my friends is all.  I suppose it’s just cause everyone is busy with school.  I love not having lots to do school wise, but it can also lead to boredom.  Needless to say Link kept me busy while collecting Rupees and the MASTER SWORD!!!  Super Nintendo kicks ass!  I went to bed at 4:00AM and got up at 8:30 AM to go see the intern advisor.

She hadn’t e-mailed me to say she wouldn’t be there.  Her office hours were 9:00AM to 10:00AM.  She wasn’t there.  I traveled all the way a across a rainy campus to find a locked door.  Needless to say, I left a mad note on her door.  What a BITCH!!  So I made my way home to play some more Zelda only to be pulled into an adventure by the one and only Beth Harsany (gotta love Bethachi)!

Operation Fashionable FUPA went into affect as we scoured the Muncie Mall for a perfect formal dress for Beth.  Now, I must say, some girls are a bitch to shop with, but Beth is too good.  She is quick, knows what she wants, and doesn’t bullshit around.  I thought she looked beautiful in absolutely everything.  She really is gorgeous and I hope she realizes just how beautiful she is one day.  My favorite was this awesome Green/Silver dress that she said didn’t fit.  I loved it.  I can’t even begin to explain the beauty in her.  We left the mall with a sexy little black number and groovy jewlery set (after being harassed by some bitch).

I returned home to more…that’s right, more Zelda.  I made it all the way to the last two castles, then began to get myself ready for the B/C formal.  Wearing my grey/maroon pants, maroon polo, and Brick corduroy coat, I was defintely styling.  My dress for sucess didn’t work though, as I felt very out of place for some reason.  Perhaps it was the reminder that the world is full of dominately straight couples and I got tired of seeing them all dance.  Perhaps it was the fact that I wanted to have one dance with Sam, but knew he would never do that in public.  Perhaps it was the sad realization that my outfit really wasn’t that cool.  Perhaps it was seeing Patrick and Beth slow dance together, wondering when they will finally just suck it up and get together.  But most likely it was David. 

Yes, I know my last post was toally liberating myself from him, but the sad truth is that the feat didn’t fall thorough.  Instead, it all became a joke that mocked me.  Sporting black pants, blue shirt, and a dashingly bold tie free neck, I couldn’t get over how much I just wanted him to care that I was there.  Is that selfish of me?  The glint of light that reflected off his prefectly placed silver belt hook flashed into my eyes and made the heart break once again.  Life suddenly sucked a lot.  It didn’t help to see him slow dancing with Aubrie either.

I held on to a few threads of hope as I danced and had tons of fun with Stacey, Kinder, and Sko (who all looked so beautiful), but continually was knocked down by seeing friendship failures like Joe McGowan and the hall directors.  Anway, we all left, I remained calm, until the walk home.  Myabe it was the obvious splitting off, the gang getting in cars, me being the poor kid on his walk home and not saying goodbye in hopes of avoiding the embarassment of people saying “AAWW, I wish he could sneak back into B/C”.  I sang to myself, some Aimee Mann suicide letter song and a bit of “All By Myself”, which caused me to break down and sit on the curb and cry.  Life suddenly became so cold.  I think the realization of how alone I always feel hit me. 

I made it home, waiting for some sort of connection with anyone.  The gang had said plans were in the making, but it seemed like an eternity of listening to my saddest music alone in my room before I heard from anyone at all.  When I finally did, it was Seth.  He listened to me for a bit, I rambled about how miserable I secretly am and he made me feel alright.  My phone rang and Patchi invited me to IHOP, but I declined.  Seth said I should go, so I decided to take his advice.  I drove over and chilled, having fun with Sko, Beth, and Sam but feeling non-exsistent aside from them for the most part.  David sat directly at the other end of me, so I was facing his perfectness for the duration.  I left feeling blue, slightly cheered up by a Squaler outburst.  Someone had called us Prom goers and Lindsay shouted that it was NOT the prom, we were in college, and that college is a good thing.  it was hillarious.

I returned home to Seth cheering me up over AIM and talking with my stuffed shetland Kiki.  I went to bed only to be awoken the next afternoon at 2:00 by stupid birds chirping.  How rude!  I called Stacey and started getting ready for my next dance.  I was going to the Phi Mu formal.  I presented myself in a black and blue ensemble.  Stacey and I rushed to catch our limo and almost died on the way there in a car collision.  I didn’t use my mirror, oh well, no one was hurt.  We made it just in time to get the limo.

Stacey looked hot in her magenta dress, which made the evening great.  It really was a good time, with good food.  Nikki and her boyfriend attended as well, so it was photos galore.  I think the best part was me trying to finish off the whole 8-person serving of roast beef they gave us.  The evening came to a close relatively early at 10:30, so I stole a sign reading “Room Capacity 400” and bolted back into our limo.  Stacey and I parted, I changed and reurned to B/C to what would become the best night of my life.

Sporting my mechanic shirt, faded jeans and black shoes, myself, Sko, Squaler, Geoff, Mrs.Geoff (abbey) and some other kid all hoped into the caddy and headed for a block party.  What we found was the coolest front porch ever!!  To the rest of the groups dismay, Sko and I refused to leave.  We chilled, I drank beer from a cup i purchased from someone named Worm.  The adventure got better when the rest of the group (who had been sitting in the car pissed off at us) got up and left for a new party.  We stayed behind.  Suddenly Aubs, Beth, Patrick and David (309) arrived to chill with Sko and I, though Aubs was tempted and left with Squaler. 

It really heated up now as the hillarious funny Chris did impressions, and Alex cracked us up with her Brett Butler-esque comedy.  She rocked.  Some guitar was played and Sko and I danced on a ledge, I almost fell.  I had drank 3 beers, some Toffe shit, and some Vodka.  It got better when we started up on the Keg Stands.  David won with 16 seconds, I hit 14 seconds, and I think Patrick got 10.  Chris got dropped, it was funny yet sad.  Anyway, it slowly died out and our gang left Chris and Worm to chill with the missing Squaler and Co. 

We found a jamming party with an awesome band.  Sam was there as well with Pete Felix.  Anyhow, the beer was flowing and I was jamming till it got too hot.  I went outside and saw a fight break out only to be busted up shortly.  I peed then tried to find my crew, but couldn’t.  i walked to the back of the house to see them inside a window, which I immediately climbed inside.  Geoff was cracking me up and stealing Jello shots.  I downed 10 right off the bat, and about 10 more through out the next 20 minutes.  Brad was there as well, he lives in B/C and used to work the front desk till he was unjustly fired.  Anyway, this is important because I made a comment about naked guys and he gave me high five for it.  I didn’t think about it till recently, but that was odd. 

So, I hopped in and out the window, Beth, Squaler, Sam and Pete left, David spilt beer, Sko abd Patrick bought some magic, David was hot, David had allergies, David was drunk, I wanted David, Aubrie stole me some more Jello and David became hotter after I ate Jello.  It began dying down and we all jumped up to leave.  I grabbed the whole tray of shots (around 40 i imagine) and bolted.  The street was littered, the people ate my free shots and the some shirtless guy got pissed off.

He was the bands drummer and said his friend lived in the house and I shouldn’t have stolen her shit.  I ate about 6 more then threw the tray to him and walked off.  Cool!!  Brad, Aubs and David were paranoid and began walking off, I went to my car and David followed while Aubs and Brad waited for the rest of the crew to exit the party.  david and I, alone, walking to my car,  I was in lust and wanted to freeze time and keep it inside glass globe. No luck though.

I moved the car to the party block and then stumbled around looking for people.  The cops were there and Aubs and I and David and Brad headed back to B/C.  Melissa’s group had gone to look for the moved car and got split from us.  I eventually got us all situated then walked us back to the car. Patrick, Melissa and I were all the group comprised.  Aubs and Brad were soon found.  They hoped in, i was going nuts, being a contortionist and half way passing out.  Then we found David and i passed out against him.  He struggled to get me off him.  I was upset, but enjoyed the attention anyhow.  Pathetic.  I wanted to go get high with Brad and David and Aubrie for some reason, oh well.  I did not.

Instead, Sko took those three to B/C where they got Brad’s car.  Pat and Sko drove me home and waited for the remaning crew to pick them up.  The scene was outside me house, I grabbed a stray cat and took it inside to play with, fed it milk.  Sko seemed stressed, Pat laughed at the cat, I was fucked up.  I  kissed Patrick!!  Just on the cheek though, luckily.  I could have seriously fucked up the frienship.  I did not.  the others arrived and whisked Pat and Sko away.  I was once again alone.

Inside, I founf IMing people’s away messages to be entertaining.  I IMed David and told him I still loved him and that I was horribly sorry for it.  I IMed the Brent kid and told him he was gay.  I IMed Seth and thanked him for saving my life on friday night.  I IMed Stacey and told her she rocked.  Then I passed out in my bed.  Beautiful!!

I awoke and chilled to some Aimee Mann.  I played Zelda, beat half of the last castle.  Almost there!! I took a huge nap with Aimee in the background.  Had a quick visit from Pat, Kinder and Squaler and presto, i am writing a Xanga and chatting with Seth and Megan.  Life is good. 


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