Random writings….

I’m Thinking

I’m thinking of knowing what it’s like to be me
and how only glass shadows could possibly see
a reflection so clear, translucent and clean
whenever they look in a mirror

I’m thinking that being such a clean slate
has made me a moral-less, rule keeping fake
and you don’t get to skip all the microwaved hate
when you know that your covered in foil

I’m thinking in lyric, hieroglyphic lies
concocting a story to be bought by the high
cause these liberals can’t see through their bloodshot eyes
and I doubt that I’d care if they melted

I’m thinking of knowing what it’s like to be me
and not knowing what’s wound in this spider-web sleeve
but you can’t just keep thinking, you have to do
so don’t be surprised if I turn on you.

Red Heads and why I like them.

If you keep track of all the plots
that curve and swerve and meet at spots
you’ll find a guy whose fate was lost
amongst the peanut gallery

he’s shy and quiet but smart and cute
avoiding lipstick and tops that are tubes
because he’d rather know men who chew
amongst the peanut gallery

I thought well if I talk to him he’ll notice I was intrigued
but it’s been so long, the intrigue could be gone
and I think that he thinks that I think he’s not there
amongst the peanut gallery

but his red hair remains in my mind
as the accumulation of my wants, desires
and yet part of me thinks he won’t care that I
am amongst his peanut gallery

Be My Guest

I’m sending out some invitations
but is one postmarked to you?
Come be a guest, come be my guest
in a world of hypocrisies, annoyed looks and
cruel stabs in the back, when I laugh at the task
I have given you to complete, and you’ll try
cause if you succeed you think, then I can be
inside, inside, where I get to be snide
and I get to remark and critique all the time
and talk of the dinner that we had that time
but no, you’ll just bring me my tea.


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