Barenaked Lies

And so I want to be like Steven Page
Cause he like Brian Wilson is just lying bed
And I’m so tired of wanting new ideas
Cause the old ones seem more real
Then the ones that are force fed
And your lying to my face again I know
There’s a blinking light inside your eyes
Your battery is low

CHORUS:  I am watching you, cause you’ve burned me now
                  And I don’t know how to make amends for you
                  And I don’t want you to go, but that just goes to show
                  My empathy is weakening with time
                  You’re a charity for all my rhymes

And so they’ll crucify you, or so I’ve been told
I have a bone to pick with you before you go
Will I hide under this blanket, satin trimmed in shades of gold
You can trip on your own show lace,
I’ll claim karma as my own
And you’re lying to my face right now
Cause perfections always wrong
There a story that is wrapped in you
But it’s been mine all along


So pose for me, this last drawing
I swear it will resemble something that you want to see
So pose for me, this final masterpiece
It’s made of lies with tape and doubt and greed



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