Item’s hanging on my wall in my bedroom:

A Led Zeppelin mural, A frame full of beer caps, a telephone, a picture of me smoking, a Led Zeppelin article from Rolling Stone, an X-Men Memrobilia lithograph, a frame shaped like a t-shirt, a notice about nerds, a diploma, a poem, a South Park version of 309, another poem, three frame – each featuring a different member of the BAP, bird lights, a mirror, a framed set of Polaroid IMAX photos, a spider-man poster, a Nightcrawler collage, a framed photo set of the Neely group, a framed photo of Beth and Patach from New Years, a framed photo of Aubrie – Patrick and Adam where they are fucked up, a framed photo of myself and 309, a framed photo of Aubs looking beautiful, a framed photo of Zeppelin, a framed photo of Nick De Sutter, a Led Zeppelin Poster, a National Sarcasm Society poster, a box of Kleenex, a Led Zeppelin CD insert, green hat, a walking cane, another walking cane, 3 Nightcrawler tradign cards, 4 CD jewel cases (green day – Almost Famous – London Sympymphony Orchestra does Kashmir, Queen), a Thespian Society certificate, a magazine clipping, a picture of Pauline, an Incredible Hulk got milk ad, a HUGE beatles poster, 9 CD covers by BNL, a super-hero calander, a Bonaroo poster, a Transformers poster, a shetland pony, an old picture of me, a picture of Pauline framed, a race car, two baby shoes, 4 bottles of alcohol filled with highlighter, 2 more CD cases (Green day, both), a wooden clock, a framed set of Bud Light caps, a BAP memrobilia frame, 2 postcards, song lyrics, a post it note from Patrick, an X-men trading card, my parents old BSU IDs, 4 mini-photos, a yellow volkswagon, 124 Snapple caps, a Plymoth Horizon label, a hub cap, 121 pictures, 3 black lights, and 41 stolen bathroom/wash hand/etc. signs.


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