So I love when teachers make me feel all inspired. In my British Literature class we are currently reading Frankenstein which is truly a masterpiece. Joyce, the professor, makes it so easy to relate to. At some university, I believe she said it was in Boston, though I could be wrong, there lies the first ever cloned human embryo. It was created several years ago actually, but the scientist didn’t know what to do with it. Do you let it live? Create a new species? Do you kill it? Does it have rights? These questions plagued the scientist, but no answers came forth which made them comfortable, so they froze it. That’s right, one cloned embryo now becomes an otter pop on hiatus. Tragic. Needless to say, in Frankenstein we stumble across the creation of a man. A hideous man who is abandoned at creation and left alone. He was created, and the book actually dwells a great deal on Dr.Frankenstein’s emotions of what to do with the beast, if he should have created it, and so forth. Frankenstein was written in 1818, almost two hundred years ago. We are still trying to answer the same question which Mary Shelly asked, only this time it’s not all hypothetical.

          Further on the note of Frankenstein is his relation to the Romantic period of writing. These are people who thought differently. They just didn’t agree with those that came before them. Their parents, their kings and queens, they just seemed to have a different understanding of the world around them. I was a bit shocked to read that some Romantic heroes wrote about such relations and even compared these things to the first man, Adam, who betrayed his God and ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Was he not allowed to disagree with God? and if God is all knowing, and knows the fates then why did he create a man that he knew would succumb to eating the forbidden fruit? And why is it that just because Lucifer, a character who believed in different things then God was exiled from heaven? If I look at these entities as characters, as people who could exist today then it seems to me that they are just like any ruler that hates it’s minorities or those who want to rebel at all. Hitler felt the Jews were wrong and evil. He had them slaughtered, exiled to lifelessness. Could you parallel this to God and Lucifer? Or are their beings so powerful that the way of man isn’t the way of Gods. Can we not compare the acts of man to the acts of God? and if he is so above us as to not apply to our standards then why would he create an entity so miniscule compared to himself. And why would he give us the ability to loose total peace and beauty and harmony by putting a tree bearing evil fruit in our home?

         I grew up going to a Lutheran church. My grandfather was the minister and while he died when I was only 3 he still left a huge impact on my life. His remembrance alone and his preaching to the churches congregation inspired me in my youth. Lately though, it seems religious debate is around every corner for me. And with so many new discoveries being made daily about the world and where it came from, I am finding it harder and harder to trust a book which was written ages ago by a group of prophets. and faith, that thing which you need to be so indepthly Christian, it seems to be loosing a battle with facts in my mind. People have to find religion themselves I think, and I like to question and ask those who believe in God why they do and what he means for them. I can’t seem to be satisfied with the answers I find though. Could it be I am too jaded these days? I don’t think so. I think loosing my roots and rediscovering them is a great thing. I am thinking so out of scope lately that I find the mere existence of life to be a question on my daily mind.

        If I question you it’s not to argue or put you down, just to understand and maybe find what I have lost. And if nothing else, let it strengthen your bond. Not questioning your beliefs is silly, put thought towards what you stand for. At least that’s how it seems it should be to me. I guess that’s all I’ve got for now.


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