SO I am back again.  Not because I really have anymore news, but because it feels good to just sit here and vent and realese what I am feeling.  God, i have to graduate in a few months, which is just plain terrifying.  I am not good at anything but socializing, and for some reason I don’t think that’s something the job market is looking for.  I guess I haven’t looked really hard into the job industry which is my problem.  I am going to the career center this week to sign up for some interviews, but who knows what will happen with that.  I can say for myself that I am all caught up with my school work.  I guess that’s better then nothing huh?

   I think I have been stressed out lately, and my way of releasing stress is to sing in the shower.  At least I get clean right?  Anyway, I was busting up some notes yesterday, but my song selection was insane.  Here’s what I sang…..Lisa Loeb – Stay.  Melissa Ehteridge – Only One.   Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You.   Adam Moschell – Cheshire Cat (gotta practice my own songs, lol)   Oasis – Champagne Supernova.   Elton John – Tiny Dancer.   Elton John – Rocket Man.   Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated.   Dashboard Confessional – Again it goes unnoticed.  Saves the Day – At Your Funeral.   Green Day – Waiting.    Sheryl Crow – Anything But Down.   Barenaked Ladies – One Week.   and then the finale was Eagles – Wasted Time.   That’s a alot of singing.


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