ugh, time for a Xanga.  I have spent the last few hours studying for my huge PR test tomorrow.  It’s insane, but I think I’ll do alright.  I feel like this semester has been crapping homework on me non-stop.  It’s liek as soon as I finish one assigment there is another one on my back.  Lets just hope I can keep up.  Today was failry average, read comics, went to work (where I finished EVERYTHING there was to do there and just sat around forever), ate Wendy’s, Roller Bladed with Linds.  The skate was awesome, not only because it gave me someone to talk to about all the stuff that’s been going on with me, but Linds is the best listener and then we sit and analyze at the end and figure out what to to do with these messes we find ourselves in.  I love her to death and I hope she realizes how important our skate dates are.

     I have felt somewhat bad lately cause I’ve felt spread to thin amongst my social circles.  Maybe it’s the school work, or maybe it’s that I am trying not to smoke so much, but whatever the case, I just hope no one feels like I have dropped them.  Short little blurb, I know, but i gotta get back to studying.

– Wishing is for those who will never have what they want-


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