POST ENTRY!!   -chilled wiht Wilson and discussed Rod Stewart (creepy) – saw my old neighbors new house – drank some beers there – Wilson got her nose pierced at Dragon Slayer – Drank more beer at Drew’s house – got some Beer Pretzels at the gas station – had another beer at Drew’s, and then went tailgating – walked around and saw people – shout out to Keith and Sarah and Princess who were at tailgating – Found the one and only Schuyler with her hottie boyfriend Mike – Bumped into the craziest trio ever, Sarah Megan and Anna – drank  a lot of beer – left tailgating in a random car with random people who Megan knew – peed in Megan’s front yard – went with Sarah and got some Arby’s (and some smelly chick was at the register)  – promised Anna I’d sleep with her later, but then foudn her with another man in the front lawn – walked back to my place – Hi Beth, Hi Shaun.  Keep dancing to Christina kids, I love you both. I was crackin’ up at the thought of it, and Shaun was kind of cute.  and any guy who dances for over an hour to Christina Aguielera in an empty house is at least questionably gay (but i think he hates me) – took a nap and chatted with Jared online – got invited to a Keggar down at Neely house – walked down to Neely, Hi Liz, Hi Jessie – drank some beer and felt depressed about Jared not liking me for a bit – drank a LOT of beer really fast to deal with the depression – who is this hot guy in the white t-shirt? – played some flippy cup and Team Shetland was obviously the best – who rocked out to Zeppelin?  This guy – time for Volley Ball!!! I love Neely’s light up V-ball net!! – Team Shetland lost, damn, DUMP! – BEER BEER BEER BEER BEER BEER BEER – WEED with Eric and Rae, played with Phoebe the guinea pig (I love her!!) – at this point it was just random ramblings, mingling, DRINKING and of course Zeppelin! – more Volley Ball – Why are Bruce and Jessie in a kiddie pool with warm water alogn with soem girl named Naomi? – Is the Lindsey Kinder at Neely?  I love that girl – beer time kids – Shelby and Liz kissed, i saw it!! – this place wa getting crazy really fast.  – SMOKE – DRINK beer.  – AWESOME!! Jared showed up with Erka, Lola, and Brian Wilson!! – Something pissed me off and I did a keg stand, drank three glasses of beer in three drinks and went off to dance with someone – played with the new dog Kaminsky! – Chatted with Jack and his boyfriend Matthew – Jared looked hot, i was glad he came – I was gettign sleepy,  so i sat down on the futon – Jessie cuddled with me and we held hands, lol!!  I think someone was mad about it – Went back outside, Jared was still there, i was glad. – Finish that keg kids!!! – Jared and Adam walked home together and i tried to be flirtacious, but i have no game – Jared wasn’t interested, he went home – came inside and talked to Kinder (she was naked). –  Went to fucking bed. – SO I drank from 4:00pm – 5:00am with two half hour naps.  Thanks guys, this weekend was awesome, even if no one else ever slept in my bed


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