It was a friday afternoon like any other.  We were rolling down the Cardinal Greenway in our ususal sporty fashion.  My skates had been ecently WD40’d.  Lindsey and I kept out head up, waiting to see what new treasure lurked in the scenic terrain.  We kept telling ourselves that if we kept skating down the Greenway we’d find something awesome.  “It looks like a clearing up ahead!” I said with excitement.  A little furthere more, the shrubs cleared away, and there it was.  Like finding a $20 in your pocket, like getting to the end of the cereal and finding two toys in the box, like a 5 piece chicken nugget that has a bonus 6th nugget at the bottom of the box, Mansfield Park.  A chorus of angels could have appeared, as the sun beamed down on the parks pond.  Two huge fountains sprayed the water, leaving it mellow but not totally still.  Geese, Ducks and other aqautic birds herded aroudn the edges, gleaming at us, new visitors.  We skated around the pond passed one car.  Lindsey looked at the vehicle, “Why is that chick just sitting in there by herself?”  I didn’t know, I was already half way down the path that led to the picnic dock.  A little further down was the two story gazebo.  It was awesome.  There was a yllow spiraling staircase in the middle.  I ventured up to get the view.  Gorgeous.  We skated back out to the parking area and noticed there were two people in the car we’d seen previously.  One of them had been,…well….you can probably figure it out.  Mansfield Park was really called MakeOut Park I am sure.  Linds and I skated away with huge smiles on out faces.  Soon reality pulled us back though as we rolled through a massive herd of gnats.  I mean really, they must have been having a meeting or convention or something cause they were everywhere.  Oh well, beauty can’t be everywhere.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

       So things have been alright lately I guess.   School is easy, though I have these brief freak out moments.  I’ve been partying with the friends and chatting with Jared still.  I don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere, not from my lack of trying but from his lack of interest.  Oh well, it’s cool.  but that’s all I’ve got for now.  Later kids.


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