-Stolen from Beth who stole it from Shaun-

Last car ride:  From the LP at approx. 2:30AM
Last good cry:  Last time I went home.

Last library book checked out:  Romantic Genius – for Brit. Lit.

Last movie seen:  Napolean Dynamite
Last book read:  Red Badge of Courage
Last cuss word uttered:  Fuck

Last beverage drank: Coca-Cola
Last food consumed:  Fritos
Last phone call:  Bruce called me and invited me over.

Last TV show watched:  Laguna Beach, lol

Last time showered:  2:00 this afternoon
Last shoes worn: My favorites, my black Sauconys

Last CD played:  The Dynamite Mix

Last item bought:  Food at a gas station

Last downloaded:  Toad and the Wet Spockets – Feel this Way

Last disappointment:  Asking someone on a date and getting rejected.

Last thing written:  A song about Nick DeSutter, lol

Last key used:  My car key

Last word spoken:  hurts

Last sleep:  Last night..
Last IM: I talked to Aubs this evening

Last weird encounter: With Jared, on AIM (that’s pathetic) 
Last ice cream eaten:  I’m still working on the 5 gallon tub of Strawberry Revel in the freezer
Last time amused:  At the best playground ever with Geoff and Beth

Last time hugged:  I don’t really do hugs, but I guess it was from Lola

Last time scolded:   No one talks shit to me
Last time resentful:  When I was rejected by someone who I have been EXCESSIVELY nice to
Last chair sat in:  White folding chair
Last underwear worn: stripped Nautica boxers
Last shirt worn:  Green Pony shirt

Last time dancing:  Today actually, to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Last poster looked at:   Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

Last show attended:  I guess the Dead concert
Last web page visited:  Xanga


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