So some days you realize a lot of things about your life.  Like your not as cool as you really think you are.  Like your parents will help you whenever you want.  You still can chill sober and have a blast.  You love to play on playgrounds even though your 22.  Your friends know you, whether you want to be a mystery or not.  You can sing for hours.  You can tell those who are close to you really embarassing things and not care.  You can admit love.  You can admit hate.  Even the worst songs can make you smile.  When hearing the song “More than Words” you still get teary eyed.  You can’t just move on, even when you want to.  Being extremely honest isn’t always the best thing.  When your stomach hurts, you may not be hungry, you may just have to poop.  That’s all for tonight kids.  Peace.


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