Homecoming 2004 was a total success. It started out with a morning of chaos as I had to wake up a passed out Jared to get let out of his dorm. Seriously, escaping from Stu West is not an easy task considering you need a key to do anything in that building. I walked home and then found myself on a liquor run to Osco where there was the ugliest baby on the face of the earth wearing a pink camo jump suit. I wanted to barf, especially when the monstrosity of the woman who had the baby with here started cooing. Anyway, I returned to my home at 1212 Carson street where Kinder and I made toast and jam and discussed the previous nights chaos. Shortly after, Geoff and Lindsey arrived to whisk us away to the liquor store for a second liquor run and then to Rex St. where the phenomenal Anna, Megan, Sarah and Kinsey live. The festivities began quickly with screwdrivers and corn hole, but things soon took a turn for the worse when Melissa Skopelja showed up. It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s that I really don’t like her. She just brings this big shadow of suckage to any event she attends. Anyway, I lost my first game of corn hole and proceeded to make a second drink and chat with Anna.

After our pre-drinking was finished, a group of 6 of us piles into Skopelja’s car and drove over the tailgating. the cramped space was cramping my style though, so as soon as I realized it would take her forever to get through the chaos of traffic I found myself walking alongside next to the car as it hurled itself at a whole 2 mph down the road. Anyway, the chorus soon broke out with American Pie and I sang merrily while carrying a 12 pack of bud light with one of them freshly cracked open in my hand. The fun ended though when a cop told me he would take me to jail if I didn’t get out of the road and put the case of beer back in Melissa’s car. Party pooper. I walked ahead to the tailgating from here and pissed, and then met up with my crew who had gotten into the parking finally. Melissa however felt it would be better to park outside the tailgating, so her and Megan parked far away, conveniently getting all the beer from the car except mine. Melissa Skopelja, you are a bitch.

I sipped on borrowed beers and walked around tailgating, but found it slightly unmasking at first because I was hot. I played some more corn hole but lost again because my partner was a moron. I ate a hotdog, but it was gross cause it was a cheap brand turkey dog. Things needed upgraded, so I chugged three beers as fast as I could. Immediately after this I began to feel a lot better simply cause I was feeling less. I was offered a real hot dog from this old guy, it was good. I got to bitch out some sorority slut with a mega-phone and it was good. Melissa Skopelja left, good. She even went and got my beer for me. Damn straight bitch, good. I got to visit a really unnecessarily nice RV and use it’s bathroom. It was good. Now this goodness didn’t last forever because soon the game was starting, which meant the BSU nazis….uhm…police would clear everyone out of tailgating. My clan re-grouped but decided to walk home.

The walk began as Geoff and Anna became impatient and ventured through bushes, I got impatient and pissed on a tree and then we all got impatient with walking and remember Kinsey had parked her car over in the video store parking lot which was across the street. We trekked our way across Bethel and through a field. As I approached the gas station parking lot I leaped up in the air as to make an unexplainable dramatic entrance of me exploding through a little row of pine trees and startling who ever was on the other side. I shot through the branches, planted my feet and looked up. Jared was standing there.

I had planned early in the day to be mad at him because I was pissed that he hadn’t let me leave his dorm the night before. I had really wanted to sleep in my own bed. I had planned to finally be me to him and stop being all nice and cuddly. I just wanted to say “Hey dude, I am so nice to you and I am not bad looking and I’m funny and smart and I care a lot about you so start caring about me and stop being a douche.” Instead I just lost my breath and smiled like I do every time I see him. We chatted about what we had done in the morning and then I told him I’d call him later. My ride was leaving. I ran up to Kinsey’s car and told all of them that was the dude I was crushed on. That was the guy I had been spending my time with. I got nods of approval from the girls and I was happy.

We drove back to Megan’s, Geoff laying across the center of us all, but this time the packed car ride didn’t seem unbearable like it did the first time. We unloaded and got fresh beers, congregated on the porch and just had some drunk fun. We threw peanuts at each other, Megan rolled around in the yard revealing her butt crack to us all, Kinsey threw peanuts everywhere, I did kart wheels with Lindsey and Anna yelled stuff threw the mega-phone. Eventually the antics faded and hunger set in. We wanted Taco Bell and we wanted it bad.

Geoff drove there and Megan sported an eye-patch she found in his car. Schuyler and I rode in the back It wasn’t very busy, but the people there were amusing. I had a chicken quesadilla, a hard shell taco and a mountain dew. Behind the counter was Brian Neal, formerly known to me as Fun Brian or the Cute Red Head Boy. I laughed at seeing him and hollered back at me. He’s a cool guy. Behind us in line was this girl named Alexis. I don’t know who she was, but we had fun making fun of the pathetic excuse for happy meal toys that Taco Bell had for the children. Then I scarfed a taco in the restaurant while the others waited for there orders to go. As we were leaving I shouted bye to Brian and watched as Alexis lost control of her taco supreme and stuff fell out all over the floor. Hilarious.

From here we dropped Megan off and the remaining trio went to Geoff’s apartment to eat our food. I ate quickly then shared my last slice of quesadilla before announcing my departure. I needed to sleep and my bed was only a short walk away. I made the trek and entered 1212 Carson with a scrunched up face. It stank. I mean, it really smelled bad. I looked at the couch and saw a passed out Kinder. Those gin and tonics really knocked her for a loop. I looked at the table and saw some food concoction covered in parmesan cheese, hence the smell. It was all over the floor, all over the kitchen and sprinkled randomly everywhere between the two rooms. I got a broom and cleaned up the portion in the kitchen and dining room, but then felt unmotivated to do anything. I hoped in my bed, set my alarm clock for 7:00pm and passed out. Round 1 of homecoming was over.

At 7:03 my alarm clock went off, but I had been up for a half-hour already. I had showered and shaved and was now changing into my new outfit for the evening. As I put on my belt in my room I heard my name shouted out. I looked out the window to see Jared and his friend Liz standing there. I smiled and breathed deep when I saw Jared, and then I hand motioned them in and finished dressing, then discussed with the two what my plans for the evening were. They gave me a list of their possible attendances for the night and I made mental notes, but then the two were off to change and go party some more.

I myself was ready to go have more fun now that I was showered and changed, so I called up Geoff and Lindsey and the trio re-grouped. We called Megan, who was Octoberfest randomly, but she was now going to take her own nap, leaving the three of us with not as many options as to what to do. We restocked beer at my house and then lounged around with roommate Brian Wilson, but our minds were drawing blanks. Suddenly Lindsey had the answer.

The recently produced Dynamite Mix played in Geoff’s car as we sped down state road 32. We had spent our time thinking of Ball State during this homecoming evening when the answers were really anywhere but there. Mr. Mouse would take out minds of sobriety and crowded house parties. We arrived and were startled at the lack of parking available. What was going on? We entered the Mouse with out usual smiles, but were back outside within 5 minutes time. The place was fucking packed, to the point where if you were standing somewhere you better plant your feet or you’d be trampled. It had to be against fire code or something, but the uncomfortableness was too much for our small crew of three, so we left.

Geoff gave the next suggestion, some place called the Rooster Tail. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be awesome or if I should wear overalls and a straw hat. Anyway, we made the drive there and Lindsey and I go out to judge the exterior. Bars in the windows? yikes, looks weird, but oddly intriguing. As we entered we saw a sign saying “no weapons allowed”. Damn, I’d have to leave my numb chucks in the car. We had ourselves a seat and ordered a bucket of Bud Lights. The atmosphere was surprisingly fun, with random lights everywhere and a band setting up their equipment. Within no time the fog machine started, the disco ball spun and Jagged Band was rocking away, covering classic artist like Petty and Clapton. I liked this place. I drank my beers quickly then chugged the remainders of Lindseys and Geoffs. We were done here.

From here we needed to check up on out crew from tailgating earlier. Lindsey and I had hoped to drink more with them, but they had different plans. They all seemed tired and done with partying. I was shocked and somewhat disappointed, but I dealt with it. We stayed for a bit and watched TV. Anna bitched about rashes on her legs, that’s what she gets for being impatient and walking through bushes instead of around. Megan sat on the couch in a towel. Sarah played with straw and bells, making something. I don’t know what. Geoff was the first to claim being tired and going home. I followed hi lead and hitched a ride.

When I returned to 1212 the neighbors homecoming party was in full swing. Their were people everywhere and my car was stuck in it’s spot thanks to someone parking me in. Stupid whores. Anyway, I went inside and lounged around, not knowing what my night was going to bring. I knew Jared had said he would stop by later, and I thought that I’d call Lindsey after bit to see what her fate was. Well, Lindsey wound up just going home, and Jared? Well, he became my thought for the evening.

The fact is that I really like Jared. A lot. But it pisses me off cause he is really rude to me sometimes. He asks me to buy him liquor then doesn’t hang out with me to drink it, he tells me he isn’t interested in me romantically, but he finds several of my friends to be adorable or awesome or someone that he likes. He doesn’t mind spending the night in my bed cuddling with me, but he doesn’t want his friends to know about it. This is the bad side of Jared. On the flip, he’s everything I want right now. He’s fun to be with cause he’s not always totally serious about life, he laughs at my jokes with the best drunk laugh ever, he always wants another beer, when he sleeps he snores and smiles at the same time, it takes him forever to get dressed and he always makes me happy because he reminds me that there are guys out there that are gay and don’t make me want to vomit.

I didn’t want to fall asleep before he came by, which could have been at anytime between 2:00 and 6:00. I laid in my bed around 3:00 with music playing, stopping the songs whenever I thought it I heard someone approaching the porch. I kept hallucinating that someone was about to knock on the door, and I’d peek through the blinds to check. When I finally decided to go to bed for good I left the porch light on so he’d still stop by. I set the phone next to my bed in case he called. I set my AIM to moo if he returned online. Nothing. I sat awake listening to every noise around me, hoping he’d show up. At 4:30 I woke up to some people on the street yelling. I looked at the clock, I looked at the computer, he wasn’t coming. I turned off the lights on the porch, turned off my computer speaker, put the phone back in the charger and went to bed. I was being pathetic and I knew it. I felt stupid for being that excited that someone who doesn’t like me the way I like him might show up and pass out cuddling with me. I went to bed and left that dream behind.

    I woke up oddly depressed about what had happened the night before.  I wasn’t mad, just a little disappointed.  I guess I had just been excited about ending the night with Jared.  It’s funny how I was so mad before but then all I wanted was for him to come chill with me.  I got out of bed around 11:40 and saw that he had actually IMed around 5:00am.  It didn’t make me feel different.  I hopped in my car and drove to Wal-Mart to buy Aladdin on DVD.  I thought it would cheer me up, but it didn’t.  I ate lunch and napped a bit, and then Jared IMed me.  I talked to him for a while about what had been bothering me, but I don’t know if that conversation will have any impact on anything.  Most likely not.

   My Sunday was wrapped up nicely with a shopping trip with Lindsey to Target and the Gap, a walk down to Neeley where I visited with Eric and Laura and Phoebe (the geuinea pig), then I ate McDonalds, visited with Aubrie and broke into her apartment(she had been locked out of her apartment along with lindsey thanks to everyone’s favorite personified-STD, Melissa Skopelja), and now I am completing this Xanga.  I guess I don’t know what to think of all that.  It was just two days of my life.  One of them was active, the other was spent in thought.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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