10 comments about people without identifying who they are about?  That’s crazy.  It is scandalous.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  Why wouldn’t you just tell someone how much you love them or that your worried about them?  So here’s what I will do.  I will put the names in the comment section.  Then if you don’t want to look at who they are, don’t look at the comments.

1) I never thought I’d meet someone who baffled me so much, but totally stole my heart from day one.  I love being your friend, and want to stay that way forever.

2) We share our love of critiquing and always back each other up.  Your great to go to for advice, cause you tell me what I know but don’t want to admit to myself.

3) Those who don’t know you judge you as irresponsible and bad, but I know you are the strongest, nicest, most caring person I have ever had in my life.

4) There was something awesome once, but I feel like you think I’ve changed for the worse or that it just isn’t working anymore. Where did that something go?

5) Your the little brother I never had, but you take care of me as well.  thanks.

6) Your gorgeous, intelligent, witty and fun, but I’m sorry I can’t be who you want me to be.

7) Your the ultimate something I can never have, but I never admit just how seriously true that is.

8) Your the most beautiful person I have ever known.  You could never be replaced, and I know we will be with each other in some way until the very end.  I can be a chore sometimes, but thanks for putting up with me.

9) You called out to me, but there was no one on the phone when I answered.  I am still trying to dial *69.

10) Thanks for everything, goodbye.


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