So I’ve tried to tell myself that I’ve got to quit dreaming
 But something inside just tells me that’s all wrong
 Cause in this world it’s just fighting, bitching, screaming
 So what is it good for, why do these dreams even belong
 And I guess that theres a medium, believing what’s defeating you
 Can one day leave you alone.

CHORUS: And I really want to say that these thoughts won’t stay
  around for very much longer, but then my mind wanders
  and I really want to do, something about my problems
  but my answers lie, in some other time, and I guess for now
  I’ll just try to figure something else out.

 Do you ever prepare speeches that your never gonna say
 I guess they’re good for analyzing what you feel inside
 But what if I start talking and telling you my way
 Of getting through is by letting you in from outside
 I guess that some will just ignore, that burning, yearning need for more
 And one day maybe it will leave me alone.


 So it’s one more beer, it’s the remedy of the year
 Although it’s answers just don’t match up with the key
 Can I just move on and say, I’m glad I tried this anyway
 or will I feel like I should stay and try, try, try again.


and I guess I don’t need answers, I’ll just keep on keeping on
I guess I don’t need answers, and maybe one day I’ll leave you alone.


Different Days

 I never thought I’d want you not to be there
 I guess now that it’s happened you don’t care
 I know it’s not what I want, but when have my wants mattered
 I guess I just feel something isn’t fair
 And I don’t want an answer, I can deal with bittersweet
 But just so you know I won’t stop being me

CHORUS: And I’m angry at tomorrow, cause I know it comes everyday
  And I’m sorry for my yesterday, cause it was a lie cause it was fake
  And I’m looking, what’s around me?  What do I have for today?
  And it’s something that I never thought I’d see in all my days.

 You look good now, I’ll give you that much
 But apparently I’m far less then before
 Cause you haven’t stopped complaining about my personality
 And I just think, well what was the past for?
 You don’t know me now, I can deal with bittersweet
 Just don’t start pretending that things are fine with me


 What is missing now, I’m trying to find out what went wrong
 So I’m drawing maps and circles, and I’m writing all these songs
 But the questions, lead to question, that have questions at their tales
 And I know that all my thinking is just wasted on some scale



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