Lately there’s been some criticism about what there Xanga’s really are.  Are we writing here because we want other people to see what’s going on with us so we have more attention?  Are we just trying to express outselves in a creative format?  Is it a place to bitch about being single? Is this a gallery for people’s personal art works?  Is this a place where you can say those things you just can’t quite drop from your mouth?  I don’t know.  It’s a Xanga.  I’d say it’s a little bit of all of the above.  It could be considered dangerous to let so many people into your head by revealing what you think and feel all the time on the interenet, but it could also be considered courageous.  I mean, if it’s how you feel, is there really any reason why you shouldn’t be able to say it?  I don’t think so.  Will people get mad at reading what you have to say or what you think?  It’s definately possible, but then again, if they are an avid reader then they should know the sort of things you post online.  I don’t know.  Maybe Xanga is just something to entertain us at night when we can’t fall asleep or when we are at the library putting off the research we are supposed to be doing.  Maybe Xanga is just one more element that allows people who are friebds to grow closer by getting out the elements that are unsaid.  Maybe it’s just a reassurance.

    My college career has been full of colorful characters.  My Freshamn year I didn’t care who I was hanging out with, as long as it was away from home and they were boys.  I loved being in the dorms.  My Sophomore year I realized none of the “friends” I had from the year before were really my friends.  I just drank massive amounts and lost control of a lot of things.  Spring of my Sophomore year I drank more then I ever had.  I guess I was just trying to hide from my life.  My Junior year I quickly regained control and found new friends.  Real friends.  I still drank some, but it wasn’t all I was about, and now I am here today with those same friends who I found my junior year.  The LP clan.  It’s full of characters, they all mean something to me.  We all have a little bit of history, and because DeSutter says he hates the indepthness of my poetry entries I am just going to bluntly state what I have with these people.

   Fuck it.  You know I was sitting here typing little blurbs about everyone but I erased them cause they were bullshit.  Beth, Aubrie and Linds are my girls.  Geoff and Patrick are my boys.  And I have an emotional attachment to Nick.  He makes me feel understood and some what respected.  end of story.


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