Job Search 2004 is on folks, and so far i am horrible at it.  I have talked to a few people who have ideas as to where i should go, but i just can’t decide.  my attempts so far have been to apply at Marvel Comics for EVERY opening they have, I applied at Wizard Magazine for a researching position where they use Application Extender, the program i use at my job now, and i applied at Monarch Beverages to sell, promote and distibute Miller Brewing products.  I also a meeting coming up to discuss Grad school. I don’t know if that’s a realistic option, and i am kind of ready to get out of school, but i will check it out and see what it has to off at least.

   So tonight i did something odd.  I turned down a cruise.  I didn’t want to smoke.  I just didn’t feel like being high.  I wanted to just sit around and do nothing and be me.  I wanted to be able to think clearly later and recall all of it the next morning.  It was a good step for me. 

    I hate monsters that eat my friends



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