SO I figured it was time for a personal update. Lets start with what happened over break. Wednesday was fairly typical as I drove home in the afternoon accompanied by Brian Wilson. We chatted about what not and the time flew by. After dropping him off I headed to the south side of Indy to my humble home. I was enraged when I pulled onto my street to discover that my down-the-road neighbor had decided to fully decorate his yard this Christmas. He has always done this since I was a kid, but the last few years he has laid off with the over the top decorating due to back problems. I called them a gift from god, but apparently god left coal in my stocking this year because he took the old guys back problems away, allowing for the displaying of ALL the guys decorations this year. Plus the new ones he has amounted since the “back-pains” began. I wouldn’t’ be mad if it was just a few lights, but it’s not. It’s 14 plastic Santa’s of varying races. It’s 10 Frosties, all with corn cob pipes and lights up carrot noses. it’s countless ginger bread houses, a plethora of candy canes and so many fucking strands of lights that they look the result of one of god’s plagues that he sent down in the bible. (two bible references in the first tangent, whew). I hate it. And not to be Scruge-esque, but it’s just too much. It’s tacky. and it blocks traffic on the street. Although there is nothing better then my mom flipping off a van full of children who want to see Christmas lights. but screw them.

I spent Wednesday doing errands, buying checks, buying comics, cleaning the house for mom and just general catching up at home. It was followed by a dinner with my two sisters at O’Charlie’s where our waitress said, “Mmmmm, Yummy” every time she set down a plate. The cow. Later that night I played X-Men Legends (yes, I took it home with me from school. I am addicted) and then I went to bed. Actually my mom made me go to bed at 12:00am so I’d be rested for Thanksgiving. What am I 10?

The actual holiday itself was quite calm with everyone asking what I’d be doing after school and my popping open Bud Lights continually through the day. The highlights included my me flipping turkey guts into my Mom’s hair on accident, my grandmother telling us all about her feminine heat pad she was wearing and my the little kids (ages 2 – 11) telling me I couldn’t play with them because I was too old. The brats. I hate kids. The food was good, the family drunk on wine, and the cousins all decided to have late night bonding with beer and board games. We played “Scene It” and my crazy cousin Nicole made cheap shots at my little sister. Nobody makes fun of my little sister except me. Nobody. The night ended with having a refreshing talk with my cousin Lindsey who recently graduated. I felt a lot better about life in general. Thanks Linds.

Friday I awoke to a tapping on my bedroom door and a high pitched, “Hello, is anyone home?” I opened the door fresh out of bed to find my 4-year-old cousin Jacob standing there. He said my little sister, who was babysitting him, had gone back to bed and he wanted me to play with him. We played pool, X-Men Legends, read some comics, listened to Led Zeppelin and played Hacky Sack. I guess kids aren’t so bad when they aren’t calling you old. Anyway, this play-time was followed by Christmas Tree shopping with my mom. We went to Loews, Ayres, Meijer and Target, but Cheri found no trees living up to her standards. She only accepts the best. With this shopping failure, we sadly headed home where we proceeded to set-up our old tree. After getting it standing, my mom went to the Pacer’s game and I went to see a movie with Shellby. A quick visit to Amber’s, extra butter on the popcorn and then the movie was starting. It was awesome.

Kinsey is about the life of a scientist from Indiana University who did studies on sexual behavior. He collected first hand testimony and then wrote a book about men’s sex behaviors, he also created a scale to measure where men landed between straight and gay on the spectrum. It’s called the Kinsey scale. Kinsey then wrote a book about female behaviors, but was looked down upon for photographing some women naked and having videos to use as research. He was trashed basically. Anyway, the highlight of the movie was that it talked about people meeting others who they loved and how sex was such a small part of it all. He is right I think. Love is just awesome. And it doesn’t matter if it’s with same sex or opposite sex, it’s just a connection when you know someone deeply. It’s awesome.

After narrowly being mugged at Taco Bell and having a laugh session with Shellby, Jack came over to my house to shoot pool and have some beers. We both got a bit tipsy and watched TV, but Jack fell asleep on my couch. I woke him up and told him I was going to bed. I think he was mad that I was making him drive home drunk. Maybe I was wrong though. I wasn’t concerned really.

Saturday was tree decorating day, as the day before the tree was just set up bare. Mom flipped out over lights not working. She screamed “fuck” at least 20 times and ripped lights off the tree with a vengeance. She is a professional though and the materials she had to work with were just sub-par. She took a week long Christmas Tree decorating class when she worked at Target, and Tree Decorating is not a degree to mess with. Mom knows her tree business. Dad even came up to watch her freak out, though secretly I think he just loves the Christmas music. The night came fast and headed back to BSU where something in my house kept beeping every ten minutes and no one was around to spend quality time with me.

Sunday was spent with Aubs watching Oliver and Company and later giving Nick birthday goodies. He said my gift was “stellar” which I was glad about. I wasn’t sure if he would like it or not. But I guess he did. The day concluded with Long John Silvers, a group meeting, Desperate Housewives and now this Xanga. So what does it all mean?

Well emotionally it was a weird weekend. There was an odd sense of family appreciation for all four members of my family and even some of the exterior relatives. It was nice to feel like I was at home. My distance from my everyday friends was also odd as I kept wanting to see them every day. I think about some people way too much, so even when they aren’t around they are still always with me basically. I guess the break just made me feel human. It made me feel like there are other people in the this world that I need to start appreciating more and maybe telling them what they mean to me. I love my friends so much, and it kills me that I have to leave Ball State soon to start my work-force life. I don’t feel ready, and I don’t feel like I will be able to leave my friends and keep my sanity. Will I still talk to them? I hope I will. Will they miss me? I think so. It’s like, sometimes I feel that no one will ever know me. But then I remember my friends and I know that I am already known. Thanks guys.

So I’m a sap sometimes, but I still love Shetland Ponies, Apple Juice (though Pitch Black Mountain Dew is really working it’s way up the charts), and yes, 309 still rules. Along with 301, 303 and 1212. Keep it real Xanga-teers.       



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