So I was totally sober last night when I went to bed, and I had some really weird dreams, in theory, because I was sober at the time of slumber. Anyway, they changed rapidly. One dream featured me on a motorcycle wearing an all green outfit. I sped down the interstate passing a number of other brightly colored individuals and we all went to the same place. A giant trailer. We crowded inside and around me were super-heroes. I was at some kind of meeting, some mass briefing where all the super-heroes were going to learn of a new threat. After a nasty encounter with one not so nice super-hero who was really big I took my seat, but then….

I was suddenly in a class room. I didn’t know what was going on. I had just woken up. I looked around me and saw several of my good friends: Beth, Aubrie, Nick, Geoff, Patrick, and some other random people who didn’t really have faces, just blurs. Anyway, we just sat there and talked about how we didn’t want to be at school on a Saturday. I think it was a detention sort of deal, but I went back to sleep.

Then I really woke up. My room was cold and the clock said 11:30. I wasted time cuddling with the body pillow and pretending it was a person. I know it’s pathetic, but I can still pretend to wake up next to someone, right? Anyway, I began my morning with shower and talking with Kinder in the basement. Would my goatee grow in? Probably not. We laughed at me sad attempt to show of puberty. In the shower I sang songs ranging from Madonna Crazy For You (a recent shower staple) to Winter Wonderland (inspired by the concert I had with the B-Bap the night before – That’ Brian Wilson, Beth, Adam and Patrick). It’s always cold fresh out of the shower, so I sprinted upstairs grabbing doughnuts and juice on the way and began working on my speech I had to give the next day.

The research was going surprisingly well, but how hard could it be to give a speech on Xanga. That’s right, I have to convince my class to sign up for Xanga sites. It should be fun. Hopefully I will figure out the details before 6:30pm on Monday when I have to present. Did you know there are 418 people in the BSU blog ring (I am newly included). Did you know that Xanga started as a review site for books and CDs and it was directly connected to Amazon? Well now you know. I was studying an article from PC Magazine when my door rattled with the sound of a knock. It was Aubrie.

Beth, Brian Wilson, Aubs and I all crowded into the messy Prissy (Aubs chlorine colored car that has no radio, a busted lock, sagging ceiling and a precious scent. Oh yeah, that cars a classic. We flew down the road going over the speed limit in an attempt to reach New Castle by 3:00pm. It was 2:45pm when we were half way there. I was naturally pessimistic about arriving on time, but sure enough, we pulled into the Pizza Hut in time to see our good friend Geoff waiting tables. He served out hungry group up right with free pizza, breadsticks, salad and hot wings. HOW! Nice Geoff. I liked that Pizza Hut a lot, even the crazy manager guy, random pizza topping ingredient artwork and especially the juke box that had Led Zeppelin on it. AAAHHH. After we ate, I played When the Levee Breaks four times in a row. I am sure the rest of the people there loved that.

We raced back home where I suddenly became somewhat studious and busted my chops over to the library. EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR. Wrong answer. With the crowd at Bracken Library, one would have thought they were giving away free drugs or something, but maybe it was just the effects of it being the week before finals. The crowd overwhelmed me and I went to a lab in RB instead. It’s much more quiet there. I proceeded to work on my Power Point which accompany my Xanga speech, complete with images of my own site and some of my friends’ sites. I think it will be awesome. This little trip also included a visit with Sarah who arrived at the lab shortly after I did. She is awesome, especially after bonging beer with me on Friday. MMMMMM.

I finished my work and busted home to chat on IM and work on my computer virus. That’s right, I said a virus. I practically died when I found out my baby had it. I’ve been going to professionals and doing self-analysis for weeks, but no luck. The old Gateway still works, it just needs an extra push sometimes. I love it still though. And could you imagine if it broke? No Xanga updates! No AIM! I said no AIM people! That’s an unstable Atom if I ever heard of one. Ok, that sucked. Anyway. I think my virus is called AmysHorse. Isn’t that fitting though. Damn horse attacking such a poor defenseless Shetland. Screw Amy. Bitch. and I hope her horse gets ground into dog food.

I got stopped in my computer work when I needed my XP disk, so I visited the LP to get it. Geoff smoked a cigarette and got the disk, Nick stayed holed up in his room. bummer. Aubs and I talked about how we will be in debt for the next ten years and Linds graced us with talk about finals and going out for Beth’s B-Day. 21 baby. December 16th. be there or be drunk somewhere else at least. I will be there. Anyhow, I left there and headed home where I chatted with Momma B and ate some left over Pizza. I dried dishes, I organized the living room (and found three DVD’s I’ve been missing, Lost in Translation, Unbreakable and Monsters Ball, YEAH!). Now I’m here, Xangaing.

So what did I learn today? Well, is easy to use and I appreciate it’s help in my job search. I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t make it drink. The same applies to boys. I know Beth, I know, it’s crazy, but would you expect anything less from my tastes? Hey hey, what can I say? I also learned that Pizza Hut is very filling. I learned that Xanga is only 5 years old. I learned that I look bad in EVERY picture of me (or at least that’s the conclusion I have come to) and I learned that my body pillow, even it was a person, would be too short to date (no offense Kinder). Well that’s all I got kids. Be good with your bad selves.


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