and it’s totally true, there is a danger in loving someone too much.  And it’s bullshit.  Love is about sharing yourself with someone.  It’s about meeting someone who makes you think in new ways and who makes you feel like you are going to be alright.  It’s not something you just turn off or on, it’s not something you choose and it’s not something that I think you should have to hide.  Love is such a painful emotion when it’s one way, but that’s the only way I’ve ever known the emotion.  I guess I should believe that one day I’ll have more faith in the old L-O-V-E, but for now, I think it’s a cruel cruel joke.  i’m tired of being in love.  i’m tired of feeling like an idiot.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    wonderful, i thought no one read anymore… your entries always make me think… which very few people write things that intrigue me… talk to you later


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