I think sometimes that I will find that job that I want.  I will be happy for a bit, and make money and be someone somewhere.  And that maybe you’ll give a shit about me.  That I won’t be a joke anymore, because that’s all i have ever been to so many people.  But you make me feel respected.  I love that you are so together on the outside.  I love that you have weaknesses like the rest of us.  I love that you know how to take control of situations.  I love that your you no matter who puts you down for it.  I feel safe around you, like you have the ability to take care of anyone.  I feel like you understand me when I am mad or when I’m scared.  I feel like even when I fuck up, while you know I’m wrong, you still see my point of view.  I love that your smart.   I love that you don’t throw me aside because i’m persistant.  I love that you know what’s important and what needs to get done.  I love that you like to be somewhat secretive from others.  I love that you act like you need  no one, even though that’s a load of shit.  I guess, I just want what’s impossible.


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