And now it’s fairly obvious that I wore that shirt too much. I got my first green polo when I was in High School. It came from the D.A.V. Later, both buttons fell off that version and I found another at another thrift store, the Value Village. It worked out better then the original and I still have it today. I’ve been told that color of green suits me well. I’ve been told it’s the ugliest shirt some people have ever seen. It’s all in perspective I guess. But I’ve never been told I wear it too much. Now I know. As I sat in my room this evening, taking in the artistic beauty that is my decorating I decided I needed to make some advancement in disassembling the chaos. I received a new photo album for Christmas, one that wouldn’t fall apart like my other ones are. It only made sense to fill the thing up with what was currently on my walls. I began peeling, slowly at first, then with more haste as I realized the ticktack I had used wasn’t hurting the pictures at all. I got them down, got the backs de-sticked, and then began organizing. I tried time periods: Dorm life, special events, apartment year one, 1212 Carson year one. It didn’t work. They wound up slightly in order, but some of them just didn’t fit with certain areas. Oh well, I liked the end result. It was interesting to look at all the different people in the photos. One photo contained David Greenwalt, Lindsey Kinder, Melissa Skopelja, Geoff Ray and Sam Rak. An odd assortment as I have forgotten about Sam, Melissa hates me and I guess I really just don’t care, David moved to IU and Kinder, well, she’s still Kinder. Which leaves, Geoff, the only one I really still talk a lot too. But I guess that’s the meaning of the pictures right? To go through and remember all the old times, even if things have changed or some people just don’t fit into your life anymore. Pictures are a permanent marking of a state in time. They document the reality, the fact that two people once enjoyed each other’s company and cracked up laughing when they did a cheers with each other. Those times end, but the photo keeps what happiness that was there alive. Some photos you want to see later and you love them. They are picture perfect and suit the time period and your memory well. Others are considered the worst pictures ever now just because of how things have turned out. It’s all in perspective I guess. I looked through the picture and placed them in the album. I had the green shirt on ALL the time. Over a quarter of the pictures of me have that shirt. It’s ridiculous. Good thing I sometimes wore a jacket over it.


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