So we got someone else’s mail yesterday, or at least their latest issue of Time magazine.  The cover story inticed me, and while I usually don’t read Time, today I did.  “Meet the Twixters, young adults who live off their parents, bounce from job to job and hop from mate to mate.  They’re not lazy, they just won’t grow up.”  That’s what the cover says.  It’s an entire article about why people ages 18 – 30 have difficulty transitioning into adulthood.  I thought it was just me.  The article covered a variety of bases, such as pop culture.  We were raised with shows like “Friends” where 6 people hung out all the time, were not married and rarely were shown with financial problems.  We want that for ourselves.  The article also discusses the economy.  Back in the late 70s and early 80s, students got Grants to go to college.  Now, no one gives out grants, but they let us borrow money which we have to pay back after school.  This financial burden keeps us from becoming adults.  It holds us back and doesn’t allow us to become financially independent.  We also see the mentioning of Love.  yes Love.  Our new generation is extremely sarcastic and critical.  We don’t believe in a lot of things our parents did.  What we do believe in is finding the right stuff.  We want to find what we want, and not waste time getting stuck in a life that we will hate.  This new 10 year period from 18 – 28 is descirbed as a chance for us to become US.  We are taking time to establish our own identities.  Fortunately, this Twixter phenomenon isn’t just in the United States, it’s documented all around the world that yound people aren’t growing up.  Society won’t let us.  We aren’t welcome into the working world because it’s crowded already, we aren’t given out share of the economical pie because people just want to take from us and put us in debt with credit cards.  We are the prime demographic.  Worse yet, we were taught that college was VERY important.  That out degrees would save us.  Now there is an oversaturation of college grds, and having a degree isn’t really worth much anymore, and definately not worth as much as we pay for them.  Last but not least (and i am sure i am missing other points) the article discusses how the brains in our generation don’t finish growing as early as our predecessor’s brains did.  We literally aren’t capable of settling down and figuring ourselves out at the age of 20.  We don’t have the capacity.  We are still changing.  Evolution is causing the human brain to be stronger and grow more, making us smarter and therefore, causing the Twixters to need more time to become the adults we are pressured into being.  Interesting if nothing else, and made me feel better at living at home.  Do I like this cause it makes me feel like have an excuse?  maybe, but in reality, I think it’s just makes me feel like I am not the only college grad who feels like he is still in high school.


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