I’ve been told before that I am overly pessimistic, but it’s really nothing more then my natural defense mechanism. One of the worst feelings in the world is that of disappointment. When you hear about a great party and then arrive to find the keg is dry, when you see shoes you really want but they don’t have your size, when you order food that looked awesome in the menu and then it is served looking like crap, disappointment lurks at every corner, so why expect too much when you can underestimate. It’s so much better to be surprised and over-whelmed when things go intensely well then it is to feel like things just didn’t turn out how they should have. And maybe it’s a childish reaction, things don’t go how I wanted them to too often for me, so now I just berate everything under the sun. It’s possible. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to make my pessimism part of my sparkling personality through comedy and sarcasm. Otherwise I’d just be insane to the point where everything was gloomy and I’d be like “hey guys, I’ve lost my tail again”. So you roll with the punches, you accept the little disappointments and move on, looking forward to those events you know will turn out well. But sometimes the disappointment is too great. Sometimes, actions of others or mere chance can royally upset, depress, annoy, infuriate and bewilder you. So what do you do when you feel supremely disappointed by someone? Do you tell them? Do you ignore it and let it slide? I guess it just depends on the situation. Me? I usually ignore being let down, I try to remember, but when it comes to my friends, I almost always come through, or so I’d like to think. Maybe I am a disappointment to them? Maybe I am just expecting too much. Maybe this Xanga is beating a dead Shetland and coming up with no answers other then that’s life. In other news, I purchased the DC Comics Encyclopedia today. I should have been a Batman Villain.


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