It’s a moment you go through everyday. The light is paralyzing, the eye crusties have just set in, the blankets have been heated by your body warmth and you memory is moving at a million miles an hour trying to remember the last few minutes. Your dreams were just running at full strength, but as soon as you enter that limbo phase, that between sleep and awake, the world becomes truly insane. This weekend was freakin’ awesome as I found myself whisked away to Muncie. It started with a simple dinner, family feud and cosmic bowling. It’s now been brought to my attention that cosmic bowling is also a high schoolers skating party. Yes I was surrounded by annoyingly hyper little kids all evening. When I purchased beer, I noticed a few kids scowling at me. It wasn’t my fault they couldn’t buy their own. Anyway, I had a fun time bowling and the chaos commenced at Aubrie’s where I did some kung fu and passed out before finishing (or even starting) my Taco Bell meal.
The wake up was out of a movie as I heard the sound of Schuyler’s voice. She was yelling about things not looking tip top shape in the apartment, after all, her family was visiting, and cleanliness is always a must around parentals. While Linds frantically picked up beer bottles and uneaten Mexican fast food, I wandered around limbo, yes the in between sleep and awake place where I found myself remembering the previous nights dreams. That’s the last time I steal gum from someone else’s mouth. Anyway, I got up from the couch in the girls apartment and went across the hall to the boys apartment. No one there was yelling. I slept for a while, until I awoke and cleaned up a bit. Geoff appeared. We got McDonalds and saw two guys on a date there. It was almost sad yet depressingly charming like on of those LifeTime movies. Enter Patrick and Aubrie, and somehow the sunny day had lured us to it’s grasp. We played frisbee and drank beer out in the parking lot. The Schuyler family chatted with us for a bit and then we resumed to the couches to watch Usual Suspects.
I fell asleep a little bit here, wondering in the dreamy state, thinking to myself about the past and about past relationships. I had recently wrote about relationships changing, and sometimes, I think they change without you even noticing it. At least not at first. The dream state didn’t last long as someone farted and stunk stuff up. I am not kidding, between Aubrie and Patrick, I am surprised there was any fresh air to breath in all of Muncie. We got up from our lazy movie watching, began doing some construction work and then set up a dessert party to be held with the Schuyler’s. Mr.S helped with construction, but the job was a bust. Oh well. Things followed with an attempted bar trip and then the final decision to hang out with Megan Wheat. Yes, ill Megan was drinking beer and enjoying the effects of liquid codeine. Geoff and I joined her. Again I had a dreamy mind, thinking of what was to come. Thinking of the present. Thinking of what had once been. Geoff and I left and returned to the apartment together where we watched Ray. It was a great time.
Sadly on Sunday I was reminded that the next day, Monday, my real life would begin. I have to go to work at 11:00 until 5:30pm. This seems like a dream. This seems like a place I am stuck in. My dream was college, my limbo is the here and now. I want to wake up the rest of the way and be set in my life. I want to know that I have stability, a place of my own, someone to kiss me on the forehead when they leave for work before I am even awake.
I thank everyone for the incredible weekend. I have remembered something I had once forgotten, and I know that dreams can be awesome, but in the in between state, you have a little control of your dream. You can push it, guide it, and then maybe when you wake up things will be perfect for you. I just have to push through the right now till I feel more comfortable with what is life. But I won’t forget those dreams…… I wonder how hell is unleashing it’s wrath right now?



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