I am constantly called pessimistic. Well these are things that I love people!

I love when I get into a pop song and feel like a diva…or something…that was really gay.

I love when I listen to head phones at night, that way when Stairway to Heaven comes on all I can hear is the pipe player because the sound is in stereo and the singer is producing sound into my deaf ear

I love when I read comics and cry, Jubilee and Professor X roller blade, only for his legs to hopelessly give out Jubes have to help him back to his chair. Tragic.

I love when I got out with my parents and my mom says stuff like “I think the happiest day of my life was my wedding day” My Dad says, “It’s was like a lotto ticket, you scratched it off and underneath was a smiling picture of me.

I love when Marvel Comics kills off the token gay X-Man for shock value just to bring him back as an evil assassin three issues later.

I love that I have people helping me find a job now. My mom’s boss is throwing me leads. So is my old T-Com Prof. Thanks guys!!

I love when my X-Men message board fucks up and I get a message on my screen saying “The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.” I donated $10 bucks to these guys once. They can blow me. But please allow me to continue posting.

I love the Rufus Wainwright songs I have downloaded. I should buy a CD.

I love that two summers ago I listened to 92.3 a lot and got really into a few bands. I bought the CD’s. I never listen to them.

I love that Judd Winnick, former Real World cast member, is the former writer of a comic book that I buy on a monthly basis.

I love that I watched Roseanne last night for an hour and thought of Beth.

I love Barenaked Ladies – Call and Answer. It’s simple breath taking. If you don’t think so, then you’re more deaf than I am.

I love sexual conversations that just keep going and going.

X-Men UNO? They make X-Men UNO? FUCK YEAH I LOVE X-MEN UNO! I bought it tonight off Amazon.com. Be prepared BAP. This will be the ultimate UNO battle.


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