Mr.Jones, Counting Crows, rocking out.  So tomorrow is St.Patrick’s Day.  Rational Holiday or excuse to wear lots of green and drink lots of beer?  You decide.  I’ve decided that I am going to plant my ass on a bar stool at Big Daddies.  For added effect, I may dress up in my old leprechaun costume.  I can’t decide.  It may be over the top. Today was productive, sort of.  I purchased my comics for the week and found that I really enjoyed them more them usual.  I really just want to work for the industry eventually.  I guess it’s just something I’ll have to work towards.  In the meantime, I’m still applying for every good job I can find.  There were three openings at Emmis today, all of which I felt capable of filling.  I applied, I e-mailed my old Prof. to put a word in for me.  Hopefully something works out soon.  If not, well I guess I could always just take off to some foreign country.  Claim to be all artsy and bohemian or something.  I could be really cliche and try ot walk across the country, but everyone knows I’d be too lazy to do that, although I think it’d be fun and interesting.  And it might look cool on a resume.  HHHMMM.  I really just wish I had a place of my own.  I began thinking about my old room the other day.  I really miss the art work I put into it.  The collage was me, represented everything I stood for and cared about.  Now I am forced to limit myself.  I feel half full.

And it’s another song about another probelm that I have

There’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing happening, there’s no reason to be sad

but I guess I just want to be heard, to give a message, drop some words

and maybe if your feeling like shit, you’ll understand, you’ll really get this



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