Getting on the internet is becoming a health hazard for me.  Seriously.  Today I was talking to Patrick on IM, a normal convo, a normal activity, when suddenly my screen is attacked.  The pixels discorporte and reform into a gigantic tiki-statue with a word bubble coming out of it’s mouth.  It was an evil Tiki, the kind with green glowing eyes and stone carved crown on his head.  and then he spoke, with the word bubble.  Do you know what it was saying?  “Go to Taco Bell”   Taco Bell?  Taco Bell?  And while my mind did instantly shift to steak quesadeas and soft tacos, Taco Bell needs to realize that giving people heart attacks by developing terrifying pops ups won’t help business.  People who are dead from terror can’t eat cheap mexican food.  I eventually realized that the pop up sprouted from none other then the very AIM buddy list that was on my screen.  How inappropriate.  It was even worse then the really long weenie dog that appeared on my screen a few weeks ago advertising .   What has advertising come to?


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