well, once agian I am tryign to write something here, but I still feel like my life is on hiatus.  Waiting table?  me?  It’s such a horrible thought.  Why can’t I get hired on some where?  I didn’t anticipate finding employment to be this difficult.  I’m not depressed, just repressed, it’s like I have no feelings cause I don’t want to waste any time thinking about how lame my life is right now.  I am not happy or sad, i’m just here, trying to pay off some bills and get a job.  Then what?  What happens when I do that?  Nothing excites me anymore.  I don’t look foward to much.  I don’t know what I’m living for I guess, aside myself, and maybe that’s a problem.  I’ve always been somewhat self-centered I guess, except when it comes to my friends, I try to be the best for them. 

    I have to tell everyone that my comic collection is becoming quite awesome now.  I have gone through and dusted off some old issues, re-read tons of stuff, and I am just waiting for Marvel to pick up my resume and get a KLU?  Did I say KLU?  yep, I also am tryign to get hired at WKLU, 101.9.  It’s a radio station in Indy that rocks and I know I’d be a perferct fit there.  I also have a copywriting position in Bloomington I am workign on landing, but who knows.  Maybe Aubs has the right idea?  Or maybe she flet how I did and she’s running.  Is running going to change anything for me?  Or would my feelings of nothinginess go with me to some other state?

    Well, I’ll stop, cause this isn’t much of a Xanga, I have done some songs lately, but I don’t feel they’re god to post publicly.  I miss my friends.  I miss the old days.  Maybe that’s my problem, I am leaning to much on the past?


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