So I was reading Ultimate Spider-Man issue 78 when she took the words right out of my mouth.  Mary Jane Watson (destined to be Mary Jane Watson Parker) : “I need to grow up.  Like right now, you know?  Like, right this very second I need to be more than I have been.  I need to stop making these mistakes I’ve made once before.  I need to – in my head I can do it.  I knwo I can.  But in life, I just don’t.”

    It’s precisely how I feel, and I too can change.  I need to get a grip on what I want to do.  I need to set goals.  It’s so lame, but all through school everyone says, “You have to have goals!”.  And it’s true, because without them you’re grasping at straws.  Instead of climbing th eone mountain I need to I am jumping over little hills.  It’s unnecessary work, when the things I want most are right in front of me.  And the tricky part is figuring out what it is exactly that you want.  It should be a simple thing, but it’s just not.  I want to get out of Indy.  I want to begin a life somewhere that’s totally different from this one.  A life where if I wanted I could be a totally different person, though I doubt I would be, or will be.  or whatever. 

     I talked to Schuyler today and confirmed my new club status.  The URB.  Unemployed Restaurant Bitches club.  We are both members who are trying our best to move on and get real jobs.  It made me miss school, chatting away aimlessly.  I got nostalgic and decided to hang my tea lights as well as my bird lights.  I feel much more at home suddenly, with that cheapened glow cascading my face.  Unfortuantely all my black lights are out of commision till I buy some new bulb, but I can make do.  This re-decorating was followed by Scattergories with my mom and Shellby.  The catergory was flowers.  The letter was “C”.  Shellby’s response?  Cauliflower.  She scares me sometimes.

    In other news, I switched from boxers to boxer briefs today.  The freedom is still there, but with sexiness.  The boxer brief is truely a good combination of worlds.  I bought several pairs from Gap, and since I just mailed in a payment on my Gap Card I justified my purchase, along with new shorts.  The envelope is in the mail right now, it’s purpose now to pay for my new underwear and shorts.  And speaking of envelopes, did you notice the new trend of the sticky stamp?  It’s no longer a lick and stick, just a sticker.  It makes so much more sense.  Why aren’t envelopes that way?  And who came up the idea in the first place?  I know, lets lick glue while doing the mail!  What a crack head. 

   Well, my random rant is over.  Peace out.


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  1. actually they do have some envelopes that you can peel the back off and stick it, rather than licking the glue.  they are usually there for the big yellow envelopes though that get mass-mailed.  i twould be nice to have them produce peel off regular envelopes more.  just thought you’d like that info. 


  2. Just to let you know… I am part of the UB club. Unemployed Bitch…at least you have a steady income. And…where have you been, dude? Sticky stamps have been here for years. LOL You crack me up.


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