It’s been a long time since I’ve really felt like myself, but last night totally hit the spot for me.  A random Muncie trip to see Geoff, Anna and Megan at the drive-in was just what I needed.  The beers, the making fun of the movie, sleeping on a couch, the drive there, hitting on some guy repeatedly, i mean, it just brought back old times I guess.  Times where I felt I had a lot of personality and something to represent.  The bad thing was I lost my digital camera somewhere and I’m afraid I did something with it when I was drunk.  I hope it turns up soon.

        So I saw a commercial for the new Alanis Morissette CD.  It’s an acoustic remake of Jagged Little Pill, for the tenth anniversary.  I felt dated because I remember buying the CD when it originally came out.  Anyway, I’ve loved that album forever so I figured I’d support Alanis (after all she even toured with BNL) and buy the new CD.  But then I saw the commercials downfall.  Available exclusively at Starbucks!  It was in big green letters, like it was taunting me.  It was challanging me ethics.  The sin I would commit by entering that hell of all hells to buy a CD would be attrocious.  But I decided to be brave.  I would breach the Strabucks.  But to make sure my sacrifie wasn’t for nothing I called first to confirm they had the CD.  Otherwise I could have become really pissed and knocked someone’s jamocha double latte with cream out of their hand. 

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in a Starbucks before, but never to purchase anything. I really just hate the place.  A lot.  And those green aprons the people wear.  And that’s something because I love the color green.  Anyhow, I crept into the Stabucks quietly and looked around at all the CDs they had.  I couldn’t believe the variety.  I was suprised and thought to myself “Isn’t this a coffee shop?”  Anyway, I grabbed the Alanis CD and looked around at the other customers.  Jerks.   All of them.  Sitting in big arm chairs with limp wrists and half finished coffee concoctions, most of which I’m sure taste liek shit and are poisoned with addictive additives.  I turned and went to the register and then I about died.  Starbucks must have known I was coming.  They must have purposely put out the Alanis CD to persuade me to enter their store and then cause me to have a heart attack.  All because I know the truth about their evilness.  What caused this attack you ask?  A boy.

       He had blonde hair which was perfectly geled (or is that gelled?) and styled.  I think his eyes were a blue-ish green, but I may have made this part up in my head afterwards because I felt he was so wonderful anyhow.  He smiled, nice smile.  He took my CD.  “Is this all today?”  I said yes.  “No coffee”  I said no thanks.  “Good choice on the CD, really”.   I said it should be a good one.  He smiled again, and then, just then, I noticed it.  Something sparkled around him.  I think it was my gay-dar kicking in or something.  or maybe he was really really gay and had on gliter lotion of some shit.  Anyhow, I almost introduced myself, but then realized I would be flirting with the enemy.  He even had on one of those green aprons I hate.  But he looked good in it.  And he even had a nice ass.  I saw this as he turned around.  I left the stoe thinking, “I could go back in and talk to him”.   But I didn’t.  And later I considered going back to get something else, another CD maybe?  But would that look suspicious?  And could I survive the hell hole that is Starbucks again?  I was unsure.  God he was gorgeous.

         Anyhow, the CD is amazing as Alanis dazzles us with less angry and more distraught versions of her songs.  I loved it so much that I’ve been singing Alanis for two days straight.  My sister is tired of it.  And that was that.  I thought I’d leave you with a song I just wrote.  It’s about this girl I work with.

Think Twice

It’s been a long long time since i met some one who
could pull my secrets out of me the way you do
I guess i’m just a hard shoe to fit,
or maybe when i’m bored i like to bitch
so please excuse if i’m suprised by you

but you’re making me think twice
about this vice I’ve crafted oh so well
you’re making me ponder
this wonderland, this hell i’m living in
i don’t need confusion
you’re not the solution
and now i just can’t tell
your making me think twice
about this vice I’ve crafted oh so well

You have this natural way of being innocent, you do
I can’t decides if it’s a reheased scam, do you have something to prove
I don’t want to be a conquest goal
or some prize of gold for you
so is this about me or is this about you


Someone’s rearranged my things that i had placed
I’m stumbling blind around what be my own space
I’m feeling lost, I’m seeing things i’ve never seen
Should I go back to where I came from, where I should be?



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