I went to the movies tonight with 4 of my friends.  Sue and Johnny Storm, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm.  We had good time, to say the least, but that crowd always makes things fantastic.  The Fantastic Four was a phenominal movie, much to my suprise.  I was worried at first, knowing that my knit picking of detail and my harsh criticism may be enough to make the movie fall sub-par.  I was wrong.  It was hillarious, it was adventrous, it was a good story, and the effects rocked.  All in all it gets…4 stars.  4 big Fantastic stars.

    The solo movie thing is always interesting.  You show up and have to get a drink at least, otherwise you have nothing to fiddle with while you wait for the previews.  When you enter the theatre it’s easy to find a seat, you only need one, although when I go solo I usually arrive a little early, just because it’s the nature of me.  There’s the scope out.  You have to examine those around you.  Are their other solo people there?  Are you cramping someone’s date by sitting too close?  It’s just part of the rules.  When the movie starts you fine, but it can be a bit taxing waiting for the lights to go off.  You don’t want to appear totally dorky and by yourself.  Or maybe you do.  For this particular movie I felt pride in going to the film alone.  I’d asked dozens of people to see Fantastic Four with me on opening weekend.  Sadly, I asked a dozen of the wrong people because no one seemed interested.  It’s all good though.  Anyway, after the film I applauded.  I started it, and the rest of the audience joined in.  We all (the collective viewers) seemed to have enjoyed the film.  Good job Marvel for making another good one and not some shit stain of a movie like the Hulk.  That’s all I’ve got.  Later gang.


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