well, i smell like Clam Chowder.  After a grouling 8 hours of serving table, it seems like i’ve bonded with some of the scents of Uno’s Pizza.  i made a lot of money in tips though, so that’s always good.  I need that money.  my college loan payment is due friday.  and then i have Best Buy and Discover the next weekend.  Bills suck.  in fact, people even just named Bill should change their name because no one likes to get a Bill.  And the connection is just not a good one.  My feet hurt…yeah yeah, it’s the bunion.  Stop laughing Beth.  Anyway, I think i get to go boating this weekend.  2nd time all year.  That’s a bummer.  I gotta cancel my AOL and restart it soon too so i can get more free service.  I need to visit 1212 this week sometime.  I mean, it’s just something I gotta so before the month is over.  Maybe Thusday night?  Any thought on Muncie people as to your plans thursday?  whelp, i think that’s all i got.  I’m gonna read comics and go to bed.


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