Asking Why

 I’m thinking about you are you thinking about me
 I’m doubting that it’s happening
 Once we were like miracles something spectacular
 now it’s just terrible you see
 I’m talking to ghost, hoping that most of your features
 are fresh in my memory
 and I feel silly to cry, I ask these phantoms why
 I’ve lost what once was close to me

CHORUS: I’ll compare what is no longer there
  to the photographs I have in frames
  And I’ll smile and think for a while
  that you’d come if I called out your name
  but I’ve tried, and I’ve felt something die
  and I’m asking why, asking why asking why.

 Are you playing cards now with somebody else
 cut from the deck all by myself
 When I fell in so deeply did I change all that much
 am I something not fit for a grown-up
 I listen to songs that we played along the way
 but nothing is happening
 I call out again, if it finds me a friend I’ve lost
 but results are deflating me


 There’s dates and places, fast fading faces
 my memories trying to push it away
 Movies and moments, acronym phrases
 I should learn the value of moving away
 Of realizing meaning, accepting replacing
 but I’m just so hurt to loose something
 that made feel rich beyond known human levels



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