ok ok, so i was interviewed by Beth, and these are the five questions in bold, my answers are in normal font.

1.  There is a fire in your house (ironic with your dad being a fireman, huh?).  Your family is guaranteed safety.  You have enough time to save only ONE artifact from your walls … which do you choose? (and I know you don’t have stuff up at home, so pretend it’s your room in B/C or at 1212)

    It took me a while, thinking about all the old stuff I had on my walls.  Nothing was really worth money, it’s all just emotionally priceless.  First of all, I’d cry forever cause that would suck.  But then after crying and being surrounded by flames, I’d grab my parents old Ball State I.D.s.   These are authentic 1979 BSU student IDs belonging to a one Timothy J. Moschell and a one Cheri L. Trefry.  They just represent a lot to me, and a lot about what my family means to me.

2.  Tell me about the last time you felt like a kid.

     After countless hours of begging I finally convinced my little sister Shellby to play video games with me.  X-Men Legends, to be precise.  When we were little we used to stay up really late playing Donkey Kong Country on SNES (that’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System).  Playing video games with her made me want to make a pile of blankets in the living room, pull out all the junk food and play games until 5:00am.

3.  You are rewarded property and money to start your own business … what kind of store do you have?  What do you sell?  Where are you located?

    Atomic Comics.  We’re located in Austrailia.  and of course we sell comics.  We also sell comic supplies, comic memrobillia, comics realted movies, and ANYTHING having to do with comics.  I’d be incredible. 

4.  BAP.  What image comes to mind when you hear that phrase?

   I immediately think of my BAP photo montage.  It’s a frame with 4 BAP pictures in it, each one representing a different sort of BAP.  One of them is Classic Bap, taken from room 314.  we’ve all been drinking, we’re all ready to drink more, and I think Tiny Dancer had just played.  Another is Classy BAP.  It’s from New Years ’04.  All dressed up with places to go, Linden Place to be precise.  The third pose is Sassy BAP.  Taken at David’s going to London party.  We all look sort of mean in this one.  I feel it highlights a very interesting dynamic.  Last but not least is New Age BAP.  It’s taken at 1212, it’s just relaxed and casual, probably the most accurate as to what we really look like too.  The frame itself has the letters BAP in side of it along with the photos and is painted Green, Red, Yellow and Blue, to represent UNO, the official BAP card game.

5.  What is the meanest thing you’ve ever comtemplated doing or saying to someone?

    The hardest question in the entire bunch, and that’s just because I usually do mean things if I think of something good.  In particular though, I once thought about setting someone’s dog free and letting it runaway.  I won’t get into why, it was really just a difference of opinion in the long run, but I was infuriated, and the culprit had retaliated against me first.  The person’s dog was always outside in the yard and I easily could have set it free without being caught.  Plus I didn’t like this particular dog.  It was ugly and always jumped on me.  But taking away someone’s pet away is really mean.  And for once in my life I had a concious.


1. Leave me a comment saying, ‘Interview me’.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. Only respond if you are willing to answer ANY question that is asked of you
4. Update your Xanga with the answers to the questions.
5. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
6. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


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