It’s 3:00 on a Tuesday, I should really be at my job.  My nice cozy office job, with a big window and air conditioning and one of those water dispensers with the crappy cone shaped cups.  I’d call Mr.Smith and Mr.Miller about their accounts with us, wish them and their families a great day and then go to a golf outing.  Sadly I don’t have a cool easy job like that.  I barely even have a job.  I feel more like a slave, or a prostitute.  An Uno’s Chicago Grill Whore who gets screwed all the time by Thin Crust and Deep Dish Pizzas.  My water dispenser is replaced by a sticky pop machine and my big window is now a neon buzzing sign that says “Chicago G ill”.  The R blinks sometimes.  I swear.

Anyhow, I’m sittign at my computer right now eating old pizza.  I mean, this is the second time I’ve reheated this particiular Papa Johns cuisine and I can’t believe how bad it tastes.  but I’m still eating it.  i hope I don’t die from it.  or get even more sick then I already am.  I have the flu.  The crappy version where shit lives in your lungs and randomly flys from your mouth while coughing.  It’s gross.  But hey, I get to work tonight anyway.

That’s right, I picked up a shift so I could work with the hot boy.  unfortunately, as Patrick pointed out the following would not be god.   “hey hottie, maybe later we could….uughhhcoughcouchbleh….oh sorry let me wipe that off your face”  yeah, what a tool I would like then.  Current song playing is High and Dry by Radiohead.  Current annoyance to the max is the fact that X-Men Legends 2 didn’t come out today like it was supposed to. This makes me sad.  Sad, Unemployed (by anyone worht being employed by that is) , Tired and Sick.


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